Monday, April 23, 2018

Preserving Your Family's Precious Memories

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You wouldn't expect technology to be one of your main parenting problems nowadays, but it seems to be quite a bugbear for most of us! Although most of us have a little bit of knowledge in how to get a good quality photo of our kids, we can still end up losing a lot of those lovely pictures, meaning that memories end up disappearing, never to be returned. Which is a big shame, so, if you are very click happy with your smartphone camera, you need to know exactly what you can do to keep the most important pictures…

Enable The Backup Option

If you set up a Google account, it gives you the option to automatically backup your photos, so they are always going to be stored in the cloud. One of the other benefits of this is that Google automatically creates a collage of pictures on occasion, but you can switch this option off if you want. Either way, you can always take the time to backup your pictures in many different ways, including the next one...

Email Them

Setting up an email account for each of your children is a very simple way to create a time capsule. Take these pictures, email them, and there is an automatic timestamp of when the photo was created. It's gives you the opportunity to delete these pictures off your phone, because you'll always have them stored in the email. If you've got loads of pictures already, and you want to start emailing them now, you can take advantage of the compress files for email option, so you don't have to email them one by one, which could take forever. And the other great benefits of setting up an email account is that you can set up as many as you want!

Delete The Bad Pictures

This may sound ruthless, but look at your phone, there might be one great picture of a specific moment, but 11 others that are clogging up your phone's memory. This is a great way to save some space, meaning you can create new memories. But also, look at some of your old photos, do you have any fondness for them anymore? Sometimes we can have a fondness for these pictures just because they are new. Instead, have a good look over all the pictures you've taken, and if there is one that captures a specific time perfectly, but there are so many that don't, then why do you have them? And besides, if you really want to keep them, you can just store them on an external hard drive, or email them, and they'll always be there.

It can be heartbreaking if something happens to your phone or your computer wipes all of your photos, this is why you need to start thinking about protecting these pictures. Your other option would be to print out a lot of these pictures, so you have a physical copy. Because we take so many pictures nowadays, it's much easier to have an abundance of photos, but lots of us don't know what to do to back them up properly and preserve these memories.

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