Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ways To Promote Your Fashion Brand

If you are walking into the fashion industry this year, you will immediately notice that this is an incredibly competitive and incredibly saturated industry to be involved in. If you want to stand out from the crowd in the marketing world there are a lot of things you will want to do. Here are some of the ways you can market your fashion brand and build an audience.

Make custom clothing

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to market your skills as a fashion company is to make some custom clothing for an event or a certain person. For example, websites like www.theartdepartment.com/promotional-product-printing make their living from personalizing both fashion and promotional products, and this is very popular with all ages. Think of how you can market yourself and what clothing piece you could create as a limited edition.


One of the things you will want to branch into as a fashion brand is the idea of collaborating with another brand. There are many people who do this and it always works out very successful for both parties. Collaborating on a clothing line or seasonal piece can widen your audience as well as theirs, and it will likely get you noticed by many more people.  


Celebrities and influencers are the two most important types of people you can target as a brand. Both celebrities and influencers have a massive impact on the way your brand is perceived and who will notice you, so if you can gain favor with these people it will benefit you hugely. One of the things you could do is send them a sample from your new range to try, asking if they would post the image on social media of them wearing the item. You can even go one step further and collaborate with a celebrity or influencer on a clothing range. Companies such as Missguided and White Fox Boutique have done his successfully in the past.

Live streaming

When you are a retail brand with a massive following online, one of the best ways you can generate excitement for your clothing and build a better relationship with your customers is to live stream on your social media channels. Your audience will want to feel involved in your brand, and you can take this opportunity to bring them into your offices and backstage on photo shoots. You can even walk around your store before opening to show some of the new pieces you have on display. This can be a brilliant technique because people will see prices they like and they will want to come and buy it when they visit your store. They might even make plans to come and shop with you earlier purely to get their hands on a popular product! Giving your audience a more human view of the brand brings them closer to you and will make them more loyal too. They will choose you over other brands because they trust you and your team.

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