Friday, April 13, 2018

Five Tips For Spring Lawn Maintenance

Even if you do not have a green thumb, spring is the best time to give your lawn and garden a jumpstart to guarantee healthy, beautiful, and productive growth throughout the warm Summer months.

Right now it seems like every single solitary square inch of Georgia is completely covered in pollen. Vehicles, sidewalks, and buildings are wrapped in the distinctive coat of yellow residue which means it is time to start taking your allergy medications. Plus, it is a colorful indication you should begin your annual springtime lawn care. Regular yard maintenance is imperative if you desire a healthy and luscious lawn and garden.

Spring is the ideal season to make alterations to terrain, cultivate new growth, and rid your landscape of unsightly obstructions. The shift in temperatures from cold to mild weather manifests a cacophony of changes underground spanning new growth. Plus, as any Georgian knows, once June rolls around the weather is almost unbearably hot for outdoor labor (unless your job is poolside relaxation). A continual pattern of rainfall characteristic of the season also aids in accelerating growth without using human resources to water immature vegetation.

Grab a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and some gardening glove because the honeybees are not the only creatures who have a list of outdoor work this Spring. If you want a supple garden here are five tips to get you on the path for complete lawn maintenance:

  1. Split plants. Many perennial plants can be cut into pieces, or split, to supplement new life. When you split plants, you need to be careful to account for all the roots and vigorously water the new divisions. Splitting helps to propagate both the new and old divisions and will give your garden a fresh look once the root systems take hold. It is recommended to split plants annually or every other year for continued plant health.
  1. Grow and cultivate annuals. Unlike perennials, annuals need to be planted each year. Many annuals provide a gorgeous, but temporary, pop of color to a garden. Planting them in the Spring ensure their roots have adequate time to find a lasting hold which will provide them with the nourishment they need for a long and flourishing summer.

  1. Nourish the soil. Fertilizers are the wellspring of lawns and gardens alike. Replenish eroded areas of your yard with new ground fillers and soils and be sure to sprinkle in plant-suitable fertilizer for the long-term best results. .
  1. Scalp and bag yard trimmings. Grasses have been dormant throughout the winter, and to ensure they revive themselves, it is essential to cut back overgrown areas of your lawn. Whether you are dealing with standard Bermudagrass or a variation of zoysia or something taller and more ornamental, grasses which are trimmed back regularly have better odds of regrowing healthily.

Scalping a lawn is hard work and can kick up bags full of dead grass clippings. Make sure you wear a mask while mowing to decrease your sensitivity toward seasonal allergies.

  1. Remove dead debris. After a long winter, the biodegradable waste from last year’s growth is more evident. Removing old, broken branches, dead plants, and trimming back overgrown vegetation is like giving your lawn a much-needed haircut. You have to remove the dead ends if you want luscious locks. Sometimes debris can be larger items like fallen or diseased trees, fields of wild overgrowth, or even an abandoned structure like a storage shed.

Larger debris will require the assistance of professionals. If you are tending to multiple acres of land which need brush mowing, land clearing, forestry mulching, or even demolition of old structures then make sure you call the company which has set itself apart from its competitors, JT Magbe Contracting, LLC. JT Magbe is a heavy civil construction company which has earned a reputation in North Georgia and Atlanta as the industry experts because they live up to their company philosophy. Their philosophy promises they will provide each of their customers with the highest level of service and attention while maintaining an efficient schedule and competitive costs.

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Source: jtmagbe.com

JT Magbe touts over 20 years of experience working on both commercial and private individual or residential projects. Outside of demolition, brush mowing, and forestry mulching, they specialize in all forms of site work including grading, excavating, utility pipe construction, such as sanitary sewer, water and storm sewer, and retention-detention pond maintenance.

Get outside before the weather gets too hot and cultivate a lawn and garden that will flourish all Spring and Summer long. For lots which are too large for individual maintenance or for tasks which require heavy machinery to get the results for which you are looking, call the site-work experts of Northern Georgia, JT Magbe Contracting, to help you get your parcel of land in tip-top condition this Spring.

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