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8 Things You Can Do With Can’t Return Gifts

The gift-giving season looks as if it is over and then BANG – it comes back around with a boom. No matter the time of year, there is always a present lurking around the corner. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll be receiving instead of giving. For moms, this is the case in a couple of weeks when Mother’s Day rolls around and the kids shower you in pressies. Any self-respecting mother shouldn’t be able to wait for the one day where we finally get a little bit of appreciation!

Of course, it isn’t all picnics and rainbows and sitting in front of the TV watching trash programs. MD is a particularly difficult day if you’re kids/partner isn’t very good at buying gifts. The odds are high that you’ll end up with something which you can’t return, sadly. So, what do you do? Smile, say “I love it,” and throw it in the wardrobe never to be seen again? It’s an option, but there are eight more you may want to consider first.

Here are the tips which will get you out of a tricky situation.

Try For Store Credit

Anyone who is completely honest will be upfront and tell their loved ones that the gift isn’t their style. And, for the most part, all parties involved will understand. Still, returning it may be hard if the store isn’t on the same page. Nowadays, lots of companies don’t allow customers to return products and services for a full refund. However, they, by law, have to offer some recompense. This is where you can get creative and use the exchange policy to your advantage. Simply take a look at the stuff which does suit your style and ask if it is possible to exchange one for the other. A word of warning: if there is a price discrepancy, you’ll have to fork out for the difference. A far superior option is to secure store credit. That way, the total amount is yours and there’s no reason to pay over the odds for a product that you do like. Usually, explaining the situation will win over the sternest of store clerks.

Sell It

Now, selling a present seems insensitive, and it’s easy to see why! But, that’s why no one has to know about your shady deal. The method is simple, and it revolves around finding a buyer who wants the gift. Take a store card as an example. Maybe there is no chance that you plan on spending the full amount in the establishment. So, instead of letting it expire and go to waste, just get in contact with Cards 2 Cash. This company, and lots more like it, specializes in buying gift cards and selling them back for a profit. Anyone who is thinking it sounds like a viable business plan shouldn’t jump the gun as one present isn’t very lucrative. Plus, a seller needs the right contacts. Should a family member, friend or general loved one ask about the whereabouts of the card, you can say “I already spent it!” Let’s face it – you’re going to go shopping again, which means you can use multiple items as cover.

Haggle With Amazon

ECommerce has skyrocketed in recent years and made the likes of Amazon market leaders. To prove a point, Jeff Bezos, the founder, is now the wealthiest man in the world, overtaking the incumbent Bill Gates. What sets this conglomerate apart from the rest is its willingness to interact with its customers. This is just a nod to social media and their new age marketing techniques, but the fact they buy and sell. Amazon Trade-In is an excellent platform for anyone who has leftover or excess gifts which are collecting dust. Even better, it doesn’t matter about the age or the quality because the firm will buy almost anything. They have to when they have hundreds of millions of users trying to source a range of products. Simply set up an account and use the trade-in option to begin the process. Remember that haggling never hurt anyone. For those who are unsure, the video underneath will help.

Start A Club

Again, this comes across as a tad mean yet it’s actually a selfless gesture. No one wants a piece of clothing or an accessory to go into the wardrobe never to be seen again. We all have things which we pretend to love but don’t use, sort of a closet graveyard. Use this to your advantage by getting in touch with friends and asking them to show and tell. By comparing the presents which didn’t go down too well on your end, there’s a chance you may find an item that you love. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. All you have to do is create one huge closet and nab the things which catch your eye. Make sure you’re not one-dimensional and that you think outside of the box. For instance, it may not be something you wear during the day but a piece that is perfect for a fancy dress party. Or, one thing may be amazing with a bit of cutting, sticking, and pasting.

Give To Charity

Everyone wants to make an extra buck; it’s the world we live in at the moment. Of course, donating a gift to charity is as rewarding. Anyone who has done it will know the feeling is hard to recreate, no matter what you try. The great thing about a donation is the number of stores and companies on the market. Everyone from the Salvation Army to Goodwill will gladly take in anything you don’t want, no questions asked. The fact that it is going to go to good use is a reality that no one can deny. So, from a selfish point of view, if the person does ask a difficult question, you can always say “it’s in a better place now.” If handing out presents indiscriminately isn’t your thing then try Freecycle. Quite simply, it’s a platform that gets you to post unwanted stuff on the site and then promotes them to other users. If there is someone in the area who wants the lot, then they can get in touch and arrange delivery.

Understand The Re-gift Process

Let’s start by defining the term “re-gift.” As the name suggests, it is the art of taking something you don’t like, re-wrapping it, and giving it to a friend or loved one. Seems insensitive when you see it in black and white, but the perception is far from the truth. Think about it logically and you may find that it’s a fantastic way to take a gift which isn’t useful and to present it to someone who needs it more. Sure, there is an element of insensitivity, yet the person who bought it for you in the first place wouldn’t want you to waste it. So, it’s better to find a new recipient than let it stagnate in a closet or drawer somewhere in the house. Understanding who to give it and when is the key. Handing out a thick, woolly jumper in the middle of the summer is not the right move. Also, consider who will see it and how they will feel. Should the guy or girl who gave it to you in the first place be at the party, it’s probably not a savvy move.


Being innovative is the easiest way to find a solution. It has already been alluded to in this post, but it’s worth going into more detail because upcycling is such as handy fix. In short, the receiver only has to find a new role for the gift. Then, it will have a purpose and add value to your life. Plenty of readers will think how this is possible, but don’t let the idea put you off. It isn’t as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is take a shirt, say, and cut it down to size. If you’re lucky, it may transform into an incredible tablecloth which revolutionizes the kitchen. After all, the lumberjack numbers are in fashion yet may not be your style. Fabrics, on the other hand, are great liners. If the material is thick enough, you should try and make your own slippers or dressing gown. It’s cheap and green at the same time!

Don’t Feel Guilty

It’s human nature to want to get as much use out of a gift as possible. Not only is it practical, but it also helps you feel as though you’re not in the wrong. However, sometimes, people grow out of love with an item, or they get plenty of use and move on. When it’s something which you buy, there isn’t a second thought – you throw it away. The same rule applies for a present from a loved one. Sure, keep it if it’s practical, but don’t be afraid to say enough is enough if you’ve had it for years.

Which option will you choose when the time inevitably arrives?

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