Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tech Gifts That Won't Bamboozle Grandparents

When it comes to technology, the elderly generation has a pretty bad reputation. Old people don’t adapt to gadgets and gizmos as well as younger people most of the time. In fact, that is often because they have no interest in technology at all! But it’s really important that you try and keep them up to speed with tech as it can bring them some great benefits to their lives.

Why not treat your grandparents to a tech gift this year? Here are some that won’t leave them completely bamboozled!

A Snapfon

Some cool tech devices aren’t that advanced, and they should be easy enough for your elderly relatives to get the hang of. Take the Snapfon, for example. It is a cell phone with big buttons for seniors, which makes it easier to dial numbers and type text messages. This is an especially great gift for any grandparents who suffer from arthritis in their hands and might have problems using touch-pad screens.

Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are really cool as you can upload all of your photos onto them, and they will then rotate through all the photos to ensure that they are each displayed for an equal amount of time. Alternatively, you can switch it so that it just displays on photo. Why not digitize your grandparents’ photo collection and scan them all so that they can be uploaded onto one of these frames? Then they can easily show off all of their best pics to anyone who comes and visits.  

Tech-Support Subscription

If your grandparents are already quite tech-savvy, then they might have a laptop or a tablet device. However, they might end up very flummoxed whenever things go wrong with these devices. To ensure that your grandparents never struggle with any tricky tech problems, and that they don’t bother you too much with their issues, you might want to gift them a tech-support subscription. Then, the next time anything goes wrong, they can simply call up the support hotline and get some friendly advice.

A Kindle

If your grandparents are avid readers, you should consider getting them a Kindle or similar e-reader. Kindles and e-readers are remarkably easy to use, so it shouldn’t take you long to teach your grandparents the basics. Eventually, they will be able to download books themselves! As well as being extremely portable, e-readers make reading very cheap. You can often buy ebooks for lower prices than the physical book. It’s also great if your grandparents don’t have much storage space in their home for real books!


Do your grandparents continually lose or misplace their keys? That won’t ever be a problem with a keyfinder! You just need to make sure that they put one of the keyfobs onto their chain. If the set of keys goes missing, tap the keyfinder and the fob will start playing music, making it easier to locate them.

Which of these gifts will your grandparents be excited to unwrap?!

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