Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Bigger Picture - 6 Reasons That Your Event Needs a Photo Booth

Planning a wedding or a big birthday party? We can bet any money that your weeks and months have been filled with menus, emails back and forth to functions coordinators, and big decisions about the drinks list.

One of the other things that you might have been considering are the entertainment and what you can do to commemorate the night… Well, that and what to do with Aunt Martha when she’s had one too many glasses of riesling and starts up a conga line on the dance floor.

A great way to celebrate the night and to provide some entertainment for your guests is with a photo booth. We’ve got six great reasons why a photo booth should be top of your list for your next party. These tips are brought to you by the legends of photo booth hire Sydney, Snappy Photobooths.

You’ll capture the special moment

Gone are the days of wedding photographers being there to capture every special moment - nowadays, the real magic happens behind the curtain of a photo booth.

While your professionally paid photographer is certainly going to get the awesome pics that you’ll frame and cherish forever, a photo booth is there to snap all the candid moments when your guests are at their jolly best. You’ll have a huge array of looks and wonderful moments to remember forever - and your guests will have a cute memento of your special night.

Everyone loves a photo booth

Yup, even the people who claim to ‘hate photos’ are going to be seen shimmying their way into the photo booth for an impromptu photo session after a couple of glasses of complimentary sparkling. Make sure you have plenty of props and options for people to pose with so that you can help the shy ones really cut loose and enjoy themselves!

A great option is to have chalkboard speech bubbles with plenty of wipes and chalk, so that your guests can express themselves through the medium of pictures.

It’s an icebreaker

While weddings are always a lot of fun, there’s a tendency for people to stick to who they know which means that oftentimes people don’t chat to new people they haven’t met yet. A photo booth is a great way to break the ice while people are waiting in line (and can also make for some super-cute photo opportunities).

You’ve got a ready-made party favour

While there are still plenty of awesome bonbonierre options available to the discerning brides and grooms out there, we think that a really cute and super-current way to remind your guests of the fun they had is with a photo of themselves (and probably you). You’ll find that your photo booth pics are still proudly displayed on fridges and bedroom walls months after the big day has passed.

Immediate access to your pics

While it’s exciting to wait for your wedding or birthday photos while your professional photographer re-touches them, you’ve got immediate access to your photobooth photos thanks to the instant world of digital.

Your wedding photobooth provider will be able to make the picture available to you with an online album practically instantly which means you can start sharing the memories on social media sooner.

It’s a talking point

Think about any of the weddings or parties that you have been to with a photobooth. It’s a clear standout of those events. There’s just something special about cramming as many people into a small space as you can and snapping a photo of them all.

Don’t deprive your guests of the opportunity to make some awesome memories of your special day; get hooked up with a photo booth and make sure you make the most of the night.

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