Sunday, October 15, 2017

5 Ways Busy Moms Can Fit In A Sneaky Workout

Being a mom can feel like a workout, especially if you’re running around from one place to another. Between the school run and work and getting dinner on the table, it can be tough to find time to get a workout in. Wish you had more time to exercise? Take a look at these five great ideas for sneaking an effective workout into your busy day.

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1. Get up before the kids

This is a tough one, as you’re probably already up at the crack of dawn trying to get some chores done before the kids wake up. If you can, try getting up 20 minutes earlier to help you squeeze in an early-morning workout. 20 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but it’s ideal for completing a HIIT workout that will help get your heart going and tone your body. Find some effective 20-minute workouts to suit your body and fitness goals and get your morning off to a great start.

2. Take the kids with you

It can be difficult to fit in a workout when you’ve got nobody to take care of your kids, so why not bring them along with you? There are plenty of gyms that offer family hours, or you can all go swimming together for a great full-body workout. Alternatively, look up some parent and child fitness classes that will be perfect for you all to do together.

3. Workout in front of the TV

Home workouts are a great way for busy moms to get their fitness fix without having to worry about leaving the house. Some of the best exercise bike models around at the moment are nice and compact so that they can be stored away easily when not being used. While the kids are kept quiet watching their favorite TV show, you can get in some exercise on your own stationary bike.

4. Go for a lunchtime yoga session

Yoga has many health benefits that make it a great exercise. You can do yoga during your lunch break without worrying about getting overly sweaty, and a nice 45-minute session will still leave you with time to get something to eat afterward. Yoga helps improve flexibility, boosts your energy and helps to combat stress, so it’s the ideal exercise for busy moms with a lot on the go.

5. Grab spare minutes when you can

There are some ways you can fit in some exercise throughout the day without you even realizing. The Fitness Flower has many helpful suggestions for how you can exercise while brushing your teeth or sitting at your desk, helping you multitask like never before! See if you can find those pockets of time during the day that will be a big help in getting your recommended daily activity.

If you’re always on the move then finding time to get fit can be tough, but not impossible. Try some of the handy tips above to help you make the most of your time to sneak in those little workouts for a healthier and fitter you.

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