Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Workout While Brushing Your Teeth with Fitness Flower!

For me, the hardest part about working out {other than actually doing it} is finding the time to do so. That may sound odd coming from a SAHM, but believe me, when you're dealing with a busy family {particularly a 3 year old that I have affectionately nicknamed Pig Pen}, it seems that even when you want to workout, there are a million other things that get in the way. That's why I was overjoyed to get the opportunity to try out Fitness Flower {provided for review}!

Believe it or not, spring is nearly here, flowers will be blooming, and soon it will be time to put on shorts, tanks, and swimsuits. This means it's time to get ready for some flower power to shape up your life! Fitness Flower is a line of fitness products built around the philosophy of Fitness that fits your Life. Simply put, The Fitness Flower is an easy way to make working out a part of your everyday routine. Busy women with families, careers, volunteer commitments, and carpooling love not having to "schedule" in a workout into an already action packed day. Recently featured on Extra!, each product has 6 convenient exercises that get you in tip-top shape in less than 10 minutes per day. 

The Fitness Flower's Bathroom Begonia (Retails for $19.95) starts you off with your bathroom ritual: tone your buns and thighs while brushing your teeth or sculpt your calves while removing or applying your makeup. Once you realize that you can sneak a workout into your daily routine without adding anything to your to-do list, you'll be hooked.

The Bathroom Begonia Kit by Fitness Flower makes getting a workout in a cinch! The Bathroom Begonia is a series of six simple and effective exercises that fit into your existing beauty routine. It’s an easy way to include a workout in any time-crunched day filled with the school run, jobs and your many other obligations—perfect for the busy mom! You can do a few squats while brushing your teeth or flex your calves while removing your make-up. Just attach the flower to your bathroom mirror and set the hourglass for each exercise. As a bonus,  included in the kit is the Reading Rose Bookmark, which has six extra exercises you can do without getting out of bed!

Oh, I am such a fan! The fact that I can squeeze in this bit of activity during a time that I already have carved out is AWESOME!!! There are other kits available as well, like the Office Orchid {which I'm dying to get my hands on even though I don't technically go to an office}...

I mean... I do spend quite a bit of time sitting in front of a computer. May not be a traditional office, but it works for me! This would be a great way to squeeze in even more activity and get me further along on my weight loss and fitness journey {which I'll admit, is a bit stagnant at the moment}. Does Fitness Flower sound like a good idea for you and your lifestyle? How do you fit in activity? What's your favorite way to exercise? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

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