Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Join the Walkabout - A 28 Day Quest for Good Health!

I've discovered along my path to weight loss and better health, that the hardest {and easiest} thing to do is take that first step. After that, all you have to do is just keep going! Walking is one of the best and easiest things to do for your health and wellness and this spring Dr. Andre Weil and Vionic Footwear want to help you on your journey! {Product provided for review/consideration}

To encourage the public to make a commitment to their health and take the pledge for good health, Dr. Andrew Weil in partnership with Vionic Footwear with Orthaheel Technology and celebrity fitness trainer Juliet Kaska, have announced a CALL TO ACTION FOR PARTICIPANTS TO SIGN UP for the WALKABOUT, a 28 DAY QUEST FOR GOOD HEALTH Campaign. The campaign officially began on March 3rd but the time to sign up is now.

SIGN UP HERE NOW: http://www.vionicshoes.com/2014-walkabout-signup

Dr. Andrew Weil, the pioneer of integrative health in the United States recommends the simplicity of walking. Walking is accessible, you literally can walk right out your door, there is no special equipment other than a good pair of walking shoes needed, walking is affordable, no gym memberships are required and lastly its a start to a fitness program that everyone, no matter their level of fitness can participate in.

The health benefits are proven - improved mood, mental clarity, energy boost, and reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes and improvement in cardiovascular health and prevents illness. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends walking at least 30 minutes a day - either in one sitting or in 10 minute bursts, 3 times a day throughout the day. Research has shown that walking as little as 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 40 percent.

It's simple - post the link to sign up at: On March 3rd, the 28 Day Walkabout will kick-off, during which participants will receive fitness tips to increase the walking challenge from Juliet Kaska and healthy recipe ideas from Dr. Weil via weekly emails and social media in addition to the chance to win weekly prizes. The grand prize winner, who completes the walking challenge will win a trip to L.A. and train with Juliet Kaska to get 'Red Carpet Ready' and be well on their way to achieving fitness and improving their odds in beating heart disease.

"Walking is what your body is designed to do. It strengthens almost every major organ in the body, promotes bone density, and boosts the immune system," says Dr. Weil."There's no special skill, training or equipment needed, just the right footwear.”

Will you be joining me in the challenge? I've received a pair of red Zen walking shoes, the official shoes of the challenge, and I have to admit - they are SO COMFORTABLE, I actually look for every opportunity possible to walk around in them! The shoes and my handy dandy FitBit {which tracks my steps} help me to stay motivated to be active and WALKABOUT! Stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook accounts for regular updates on my progress in the challenge. Until next time...

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