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4 Fitness Excuses That Are A Load Of Rubbish!

I would say that a fair proportion of the population look at themselves and want to make improvements. They want to lose weight, be more toned, or just generally see a more active version of themselves. For some of us, having the motivation to achieve these changes is fairly easy. We get up every morning and eat healthily, then exercises regularly, and we do see results.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people that have this dream of what they want to achieve but never quite reach it. Largely, this is because they’ve always got an excuse up their sleeve as to why they haven’t started getting fit. I’m sure a lot of you know what I’m talking about here. There’s always that one person who's got an excuse for not eating well or not working out. In fact, that person might be you!

What I want to do today is talk about some of my favorite fitness excuses. Well, I call them my favorites not because I think they're good, but because they make me laugh as they’re so rubbish. You’ll find that wherever there’s an excuse, there’s an idea to work around it. By reading this post, I hope you’ll find a few of your own excuses and will now realize how silly they are. 

Check out all the excuses down below, along with tips to work around them:

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I’m Too Busy

We kick things off with the number one fitness excuse in the book; I’m too busy. This is an excuse most people like to call upon as they try and justify themselves for not getting fit. Most people work all day. A lot of people have families to take care of. This doesn’t mean you haven’t got the time to work out. In fact, there are some good points here that show you how to fit exercise into a busy work schedule.

The problem is that people assume that getting fit means they need to spend hours in the gym or hours in the kitchen. This isn’t the case, you can get great workouts in that last between ten and twenty minutes every day. All you have to do is get up a little earlier, and you can do them before you get ready for work. Plus, there are loads of healthy recipes you can make from start to finish in around fifteen or so minutes.

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I Can’t Afford To Get Fit

In fairness, this is probably the only excuse I’ll maybe entertain for half a second. On the face of it, getting fit may seem expensive. But, that’s only the case if you choose for it to be that way. You don’t need a gym membership, you don’t need to buy exercise or diet programs, you can do a lot of things for free. Problems occur when you spend loads of money on pointless things you don’t need. As it says here, http://defendyourhealthcare.us/my-experience-with-flat-belly-overnight people pay $37 for a diet plan that’s not really that effective and tells you nothing new. It’s things like this that make people think getting fit and eating healthy is expensive. In reality, it isn’t, you just need to avoid needless expenses.

If you can’t pay for a gym membership, workout at home or go for runs or join a sports team. Shop at cheaper grocery stores to buy your healthy food at a lower price. There are loads of ways you can get fit without breaking your bank, it’s not really an excuse that stands up.

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I’m Too Tired

This is another excuse that may seem like a good one, but it’s really just a load of rubbish. So many people will wake up and feel tired. Or, they’ll be working during the day and feel like they’re too tired to go to the gym. The thing is, being tired is a temporary state. It’s not really an excuse as you can quite easily jump start your system and get more energy.

For a lot of us, the solution is simple; drink a cup of black coffee, and you’ll feel instantly energized and ready to go. But, for those of us that don’t like coffee or want to avoid caffeine, there are still other options. As it shows here, there are plenty of different things you can do to wake yourself up.

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I Don’t Know Where To Start

This excuse is probably the one that’s used the most. There are loads of people that say things like “I wish I could get fit and lose weight, but I just don’t know where to start.” Then, instead of actually figuring out how to start, they go back to their usual routine, and nothing changes. What baffles me about this excuse is that it doesn’t stop you in other walks of life. I’m sure there are so many things you’ve approached for the first time and not known where to start. But, what do you do? You spend some time researching, or you get help from others, and you slowly ease your way into things. So, why don’t you do this with fitness too?!

Everyone has to start from somewhere, nobody is born with loads of fitness knowledge. What you should do is have a look online for beginners workouts or guides to getting fit. Articles like this one could help you out as they provide special tips for newbies. I also think watching videos on YouTube will help a lot too as you can see how to do exercises properly without injuring yourself. In fact, I implore everyone to do this before they start getting fit. Too many people work out incorrectly and hurt themselves, watch tutorials beforehand and you’ll be ready for action.

You see, all of these excuses are completely worthless when you deconstruct them. As the saying goes; where there’s a will, there’s a way. There’s always a solution to every excuse, and there’s no genuine reason you can’t get fit. So, stop making excuses, start getting motivated, and begin your fitness journey today.

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