Monday, June 5, 2017

Parents' Tips For A Fun, Manageable Summer

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We look forward to summer all year because it’s so good for the soul. The fun, the sun, and that long-awaited time off, are all things that you and your children are going to savor and cherish for years later. Though we’re all glad that summer is here, your kids being on a long break from school also opens up a lot of room for stress. Here are a few handy tips for a fun and manageable summer…

Find a Structural Sweet Spot

Studies have shown that even kids can get very stressed over the summer, in between all the academic and social pressure, and all the activities mom and dad have planned for them. Though they may have much more energy than us, kids need time to simply chill out just as much as we do. Having said that, they also need some structure, and some kind of shape they can follow over the weeks and days ahead of them. While every family will have different needs, you should start to plan out given slots for chores, reading time, homework projects and so on. Obviously, you don’t want your summer to be too regimented, but some kind of structure will save you a world of stress.

Make Room for Memories
There are probably countless chores that need to be done, targets that need to be met, and school projects that need to be completed spanning your family’s summer. However, if you get too tied up in these things, it can leave very little room for the precious memories that make all the work of parenthood worth it. If you’ve been seeing too many gray skies and waiting for your kids to use their Tommy Hilfiger swimwear since winter, start planning out your vacation right now. The earlier you start planning any big trips, the smoother they’ll all be.

Encourage your Children to Try Something Different

The summer is the perfect time to dabble and experiment with activities and hobbies that you’ve never experienced before. You’ve had enough time to find your passions by now, but your kids are probably a different story. Make a point to tear your kids away from their screens, and encourage them to try something different. Whether it’s creative projects you can do at home like writing a story or painting, or getting into a sport, there are any number of things your children might love once they give them a try.

De-Stress the Whole Family

Kids pick up on our feelings, and their feelings will always be influenced by ours. If you’re stressed out, then they’ll be stressed, possibly acting out and piling on even more stress for you. Even if you’re having to work over most of the summer, try to make a point of turning down the stress for the whole family this summer. If you’re lucky enough to be staying at home with your kids, then try to exert positivity as much as possible. This will give the whole house a more relaxed, happier vibe.

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