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Jump Start Summer Reading with Macmillan

It's that time of year again! Every summer, my daughters and I participate in our own summer reading program - we each set a goal of how many books we want to read over the summer {I picked 75, Peyton - 15, Little Miss Lo - 20, and Kenziekins chose 25 (this year she'll be reading some on her own and then we'll help her reach her goal by reading to her as well}. The person who meets their goal first will get the ultimate bragging rights and I'll buy them a book of their choice when the competition ends {right before they go back to school on August 7}. Here are a few selections from Macmillan that we've added to London and Kenzie's TBR stack! {Books provided for review/feature consideration}

BLOOM by Deborah Diesen and Mary Lundquist (Macmillan Children’s/Farrar Straus Giroux BFYR, 978-0-37430-250-4, March 2017 (ages 2-6)

  • Debbie Diesen is the New York Times-bestselling author of the Pout-Pout Fish series. Her gentle storytelling here is reminiscent of the warm and funny text in Pout-Pout Fish books. 
  • A feel-good story that uses the fall-planting/spring-blooming growing cycle of flower bulbs as a metaphor for growing up.
  • Mom and daughter are different races to reflect today's diverse families. 
  • This story attests to the constancy of love between a mother and child that grows ever steady and stronger. 
(This has become one of our favorite any time stories - we love all of the flowers, plus it's so special that it showcases the love between mother and daughter)

WILDLIFE: A MAP COLORING BOOK by Natalie Hughes (Macmillan Children’s/Henry Holt BYR, 978-1-25011-439-6, March 2017 (ages 6-12)

  • Each page has a perforated edge so colorers can tear out and display their completed maps! 
  • Bold illustrations are filled with small snippets of information and bite-sized captions, making this book a great way to learn about and explore the world around you! 
(This is such a fantastic coloring book - it encourages my girls to color vividly and as questions about our world and nature. Plus I love how easy it is to tear out the pages; it makes it easy to display their masterpieces as well as for them to share!)

TAKE YOUR TIME by Eva Furrow and Donna Jo Napoli; illustrated by Laurel Molk (Macmillan Children’s/Henry Holt BYR, 978-0-80509-521-0, April 2017, ages 4-8)

  • In our fast-moving world, Harriet the tortoise reminds readers to slow down and appreciate what's around them. 
  • Harriet's travels through the Galapagos Islands become a fascinating survey of the animals who live there. 
  • A fact-based story provides accurate information about Galapagos tortoises and other animals and their habitats. 
  • Brightly colorful woodblock style art brings this inspiring tale to life. 
(The illustrations in this beautiful book are so unique!)

GRAND CANYON by Jason Chin (Macmillan Children’s/Roaring Brook Press, 978-1-59643-950-4, February 2017, ages 6-9)

  • Chin goes from small to big and past to present all within 56 pages in this elaborate story of the life of the Grand Canyon. This is the most comprehensive (and most beautifully crafted) guide to the Grand Canyon on the market. 
  • This isn't just the tale of how the Grand Canyon came to be. Through strategically placed die-cuts and a longer, this book offers an in-depth exploration of almost every aspect of the Grand Canyon while following a father and daughter team on a long hike. 
  • Jason Chin's reputation as a master nonfiction storyteller grows with every book. His previous books were all critically acclaimed and GRAND CANYON, his most intense venture yet, is no exception. 

SCIENCE COMICS: BATS by Falynn Koch (Macmillan Children’s/First Second, 9781626724099, February 2016, ages 9-13)

  • Science-oriented nonfiction for this age range can tend towards goofily condescending or drearily dry, but First Second's SCIENCE COMICS comes from a place of straightforward delight. 
  • With its playful, wide-appeal tone and lively, virtuosic art, this series appeals to trade, but it works perfectly for the institutional market as well! Most of the books in this series spend some time examining how we know what we know, and the ways that our ideas about these topics have changed—an active interrogation of the topic that is perfect for classroom use. 
  • There's no better way to learn a topic than to read a great graphic novel about it. Hit nonfiction graphic books like Logicomix, Feynman, Understanding Comics, Primates, The Influencing Machine, and many more all prove that this format is uniquely suited to introducing readers to all manner of nonfiction topics. 
  • Despite the incredible possibilities of science-oriented graphic novels for kids, the books that are out there are largely disappointing. SCIENCE COMICS brings top-notch writing, world-class illustration, and a discerning editorial eye to this problem, and offers one hell of a solution. 
(My girls were afraid of bats, but after reading this book... well... they're still not necessarily fans, but they better appreciate their purpose!)

PEDAL POWER by Allan Drummond (Macmillan Children’s/Farrar Straus Giroux BFYR, 978-0-37430-527-7, March 2017, ages 4-8)
  • A relatable message about the difference people can make in sustainability. 
  • Energy Island has sold more than 25,000 copies, received two starred reviews, and was translated into five different languages. Green City was a JLG selection, received two starred reviews, and was an Amazon Best Book of the Month. 
  • Backmatter includes information about biking around the world as well as a bibliography with additional resources. 
  • Bicycling is fun and kid-friendly—the most accessible topic Allan Drummond has tackled yet! 

COUNTING SHEEP: CALPURNIA TATE, GIRL VET by Jacqueline Kelly (Macmillan Children’s/Henry Holt BYR, 978-1-62779-870-9, April 2017, ages 7-10)
  • All the same wonderful characters from Newbery Honor winner The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate and its sequel, The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate, are back, with some new friends and family! Callie's continued adventures will captivate a whole new generation of readers. 
  • Squeamish Travis and spirited Callie's dynamic is endlessly entertaining. Told with humor and love, the story of their relationship—and the many animals that bring them together again and again—is heartwarming. 
  • This story takes place in Texas in the early 1900s, and is full of historical and scientific information. As Callie and her grandfather learn about the natural world, readers will, too. 
  • In this series, Callie assists veterinarian Dr. Pritzker and finds herself dealing with all manner of animals. In book one, a skunk becomes a family pet! In this second book, Callie repairs a butterfly wing and assists in the birth of a breech lamb. 
  • With line illustrations by the talented Teagan White, this younger series is perfect for bringing new fans to the world of Calpurnia Tate. 
(Little Miss Lo has The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate and The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate on her shelf so we were excited to add this new volume to her collection)

What books are you and your littles planning on reading over the summer? Share your TBR list with us! You can follow along with our challenge here and on Instagram! Until next time...

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