Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Father’s Day Gifts for Busy Dads from ZIRH

Whether he is a working or stay-at-home dad, chances are they have minimal time to take care of themselves. Give the gift of ZIRH this Father’s Day with the perfect portable skincare kit for dads always on-the-go! {Product provided for review/feature consideration}


An all-in-one kit that includes must-have skincare essentials-everything he needs and nothing he doesn’t!

· CLEAN FACE WASH (125ml) – An invigorating alpha-hydroxy face wash that removes dirt and excess oil uncovering newer, fresher looking skin. Fresh, light lemon scent.

Key Ingredient: Triple Alpha Hydroxy Acids- helps to remove surface dead skin cells unveiling healthier looking skin

· SCRUB ALOE EXFOLIATOR (100ml) – An exfoliator with aloe that gently removes dead surface skin cells for a fresher, smoother appearance

Key Ingredient: Sage- purifies and cleans the skin by neutralizing excess surface oil

· CORRECT VITAMIN SERUM (50ml) – A conditioning serum loaded with vitamins A & C that help to replenish nutrients and condition skin's texture making it feel smoother

Key Ingredient: Pycnogenol- powerful anti-oxidant extracted from pine bark helps improve skin smoothness and elasticity

· PROTECT DAILY MOISTURIZER (100ml) – Designed to help the skin feel nourished, this moisturizer helps bind moisture effectively to the skin and aids to maintain smooth and healthy looking skin.

Key Ingredient: Avocado Oil- Natural moisturizer that infuses the skin with protein without leaving an oily film

How to Use:

· Step 1: Wet face and massage CLEAN over skin; Rinse and pat dry twice daily

· Step 2: Wet face and massage SCRUB gently over face and rinse, twice weekly

· Step 3: Apply CORRECT daily to face after cleansing with Clean and Scrub.

· Step 4: Apply PROTECT twice daily lightly to face and neck after cleansing.

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