Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"Daub"ing the Family Together

In the busy pace of life today, you can easily be left with a feeling of isolation and melancholy. With children getting too engrossed in technology and couples pursuing unrealistic professional targets, a “family night” is not something that happens often, today!

A few decades back, bingo was the rage, drawing families to bingo halls, where together, with the promise of a grand prize for the family, the members would eagerly wait, looking out for numbers with bated breath, awaiting the moment they could yell out “B-I-N-G-O” on getting a Full House! So if you feel like you have lost precious bonding in your family, here are some innovative ideas to revive the warm idea of “bingo family nights”!

It not necessary to travel down to a Bingo hall, to have the best bingo night. In fact the next time you decide to call friends over or have a quality family time, skip the usual movie and instead, spice things up by hosting a night of Bingo at your home. Buy a few cards—one of you could be the caller while others daub their cards!

However, if you are too busy to host a night of bingo and arrange the necessary rules and gifts, GameVillage has the perfect solution for you.You can alternatively choose online bingo, to play on with your family! A family can play the same game together — with the parents choosing their game and tickets while letting their children daub the tickets as the calling number appears or play against one another, winning exciting perks! There are couple of free bingo rooms here — Unplugged (90-ball) and Chip-Van (50-ball) and you can have a real fun bingo night with your entire family without having depositing any money! Get more information at GameVillage.

You could now spend a warm cozy family night at home, playing good old Bingo, without the hassle of hosting one or going to a hall! -->

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