Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Loved By Kids of All Ages! (Well, At Least 3 Ages)-A Cut The Rope Toy Review

Cut the Rope is an uber popular mobile game app that apparently I was just not cool enough to be aware of . I say this because I was going to pass up on the opportunity to review the new line of toys based on the game, when Peyton saw the email over my shoulder {nosy girl!} and said something to the effect of "OMG! Om Nom! I LOVE him!!!!" So I agreed to review a few things... you know...for the girls...

Om Nom's Playground- Quick Set (Windmill): All 3 of the girls loved playing with this-we had peace and quiet for a good 30 minutes while they all played with it. Unfortunately, they scattered all the pieces around the house shortly after that, so this is the only picture I was able to get :(

With over 300 million downloads, it's no wonder Cut the Rope and its star character, Om Nom, have spawned the hottest new toy craze inspired by the mobile game phenomenon.  Not only are there board games (like an updated version of the classic Connect 4 game), a spectacular interactive Playground set (with individual sets that you can combine and customize), but there are various, adorable Om Nom plush toys!

8" Cut the Rope Hand Plush 
The Cut the Rope Hand Plush was Kenzie's favorite. You stick your hand in the back of Om Nom's head in order to move his mouth like a puppet. We were surprised to hear that when you work his mouth, Om Nom makes noises {I think that's what totally won Kenzie over}!

Om Nom 6" Reversible Plush (Candy)

London claimed this cutie as her own! When Peyton asked her why this was her favorite, her answer was simply, "'Cause it's reversible {pronounced as "awverisible" by her}. This toy was designed to recreate one of the most popular story lines from the mobile game app, where Om Nom gives in to his sweet tooth and turns into a piece of candy!

Om Nom 3" Plush Back Pack with sound (Smile)

This was Peyton's pick, which makes sense, since she's the only one that carries a backpack! Since she was the only one that had any background knowledge about the game, I asked her to write a bit about the toys: 

"Cut the Rope is one of my favorite games and I was very glad to hear that there are now Cut the Rope toys. The toys come in a great variety, there’s something for everyone. My sisters are I had a great time playing with them. I particularly liked Cut the Rope Build-able Play Set Om Nom's Playground Quick Set Windmill the most, you get to build your own mini Cut the Rope game. London says she likes Cut the Rope 6" Reversible Plush Om Nom “Because it’s reversible.” We really like these new Cut the Rope toys, so much fun for all ages."

I too was pleasantly surprised to see that there was really something for all of the girls to enjoy. Of the selection that I was sent, each of them immediately gravitated towards a particular toy to claim as their own {so there was minimal bickering over the toys}. What's really cool about the Cut the Rope plush toys  is  that each size figure has a unique feature – sounds, multiple shapes in one toy, etc. – and come equipped with an augmented reality tag that corresponds with Om Nom: Candy Flick, a new augmented reality game (available on Apple’s App Store). Different features are unlocked via a special tag that can be found on Om Nom plush toys. Once downloaded, you can bring Om Nom to life by positioning their smartphone or tablet’s camera on the tags and watch as he virtually pops out ready to devour his favorite treat…candy. For more information on Om Nom: Candy Flick, visit www.cuttherope.net/ar and watch the video trailer here.Until next time...

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