Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Own Skincare Day Lip Treatment May Be the Most Unique Lip Balm You've Ever Seen!

Own Skincare Day Lip Treatment with SPF 10

So... I'm obsessed with lip balm {I may have to show y'all my stash some day just so you can understand the magnitude of said obsession}, so I don't really turn down opportunities to review new lip balms. I was even more excited to try this one, it's from the relatively new line, Own Skincare. I mean how could I pass on a lip product created by skin care innovators {the line features an interesting ingredient-it is the only brand in the US that has a patent to use Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), a clinically-tested natural compound derived from the safflower plant, that has been proven to help skin retain moisture, activate cell renewal and repair collagen structure}. So baby soft lips, here I come!

Own Skincare Day  Lip Treatment with SPF 10 (MSRP $9.99), is a moisturizing lip treatment with SPF 10, which is one of the big reasons I was attracted to it. It's a liquid formula so it dispenses via a rollerball, and the packaging is uber unique because of its conical shape. It has a texture somewhere between oil and a serum, so it really clings to your lips which I love, but when used under lipstick or gloss, it doesn't cause the product on top to slip off {as I find is the case with lip balms that are overly waxy}. I've been reaching for it daily since I received it, and given the number of products I have floating around here, that says a lot!

 The rejuvenating line also offers 5 products for a complete and easy skincare routine (all eco-friendly!) - Own Rejuvenating Cleanser,Own Lifting Eye Cream, Own Firming Silk Concentrate, Own Dual Protecting Day Lotion SPF 30 and Own Refining Moisturizing Night Cream. You can find them at Ulta Beauty or online at ownproducts.com, where they retail for under $25 a piece! Until next time...

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