Friday, September 2, 2016

The Adventures of Celia Kaye Helps Parents and Kids Overcome Stigma {Wunderkind Reads}

Meet creative artist, fitness expert, and entrepreneur Kaitlin Puccio’s first book, THE ADVENTURES OF CELIA KAYE. This fantastic new tool helps parents talk to their kids about the challenges of living with gluten intolerance and other food allergies and how to overcome those challenges. The book is the first in a planned series and features the young Celia Kaye struggling with her “difference” and the stigmas she may face from her peers. {Book provided for review/feature consideration}

Ms. Puccio was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012. She began writing articles on The Huffington Post under the pen name Celia Kaye, which chronicle her experiences with and management of the disease. For The Adventures of Celia Kaye, Puccio created the young alter-ego to give children someone facing the challenges of celiac disease and the many fears that go with it, including being ridiculed throughout the school day. In addition to writing as and about Celia Kaye, she founded CeliaKaye.com, a website dedicated to helping cut through the sea of information – and misinformation – about living a full and flourishing gluten-free life.

When Kaitlin Puccio learned she had celiac disease her entire life changed. As she researched details about the condition, she discovered that it was difficult to access credible, comprehensive, and comprehensible information. She resolved to use her passion and creativity to help the millions of others who struggle with gluten intolerance—or any food allergy—every day, particularly young people who can feel shameful of their condition and who face challenges each day at school during lunch.

She developed the character Celia Kaye, a young girl facing the challenges of celiac disease, and penned THE ADVENTURES OF CELIA KAYE [Bent Frame, Available Now, $17.00 US] with a goal of giving children with celiac disease someone to whom they could easily relate. The first book finds young Celia Kaye telling a series of tall tales to a friend, all designed to avoid having to admit the real reason why she can’t eat the same foods as everybody else. With illustrations by Grammy nominee Sarah Larnach, The Adventures of Celia Kaye is an excellent tool to help parents talk to their children about celiac disease and overcoming the stigmas and fears surrounding food allergies. Until next time...

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