Thursday, September 1, 2016

Framed! (A T.O.A.S.T. Mystery) {Wunderkind Reads}

Book provided for review/feature consideration

Little Miss Lo has been swept up in my Sherlock obsession {that started when I read A Study In Charlotte early this summer}, so both of us were excited to see this book mail from Simon & Schuster Kids! I'll share a synopsis for James Ponti's  FRAMED! below...

Get to know the only kid on the FBI Director’s speed dial and several international criminals’ most wanted lists all because of his Theory of All Small Things in this hilarious start to a brand-new middle grade mystery series.

So you’re only halfway through your homework and the Director of the FBI keeps texting you for help…What do you do? Save your grade? Or save the country?

If you’re Florian Bates, you figure out a way to do both.

Florian is twelve years old and has just moved to Washington. He’s learning his way around using TOAST, which stands for the Theory of All Small Things. It’s a technique he invented to solve life’s little mysteries such as: where to sit on the on the first day of school, or which Chinese restaurant has the best eggrolls.

But when he teaches it to his new friend Margaret, they uncover a mystery that isn’t little. In fact, it’s HUGE, and it involves the National Gallery, the FBI, and a notorious crime syndicate known as EEL.

Can Florian decipher the clues and finish his homework in time to help the FBI solve the case?

I grew up reading The Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, Harriet the Spy,  and Encyclopedia Brown, so my love for Sherlock {and crime/mystery books in general} should be of no surprise to me. I'm happy to see authors are continuing the fine tradition that has been set, providing our children with their own generation of sleuths to follow! Until next time...

Until next time...

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