Monday, September 12, 2016

Meet Noodle & Boo - Luxury Skin Care for Mom and Baby! (Baby Safety Month)

September is Baby Safety Month, and Noodle & Boo is pleased to introduce a safer, talc-free baby powder featuring their signature fragrance (a delicious blend of apricot, sweet water blossoms, milk, honey and vanilla){Product provided for review/feature consideration}

For babies, use Noodle & Boo Delicate Baby Powder to absorb excess moisture on delicate and sensitive baby skin, while nourishing and soothing inflamed and irritated skin.

Additional baby powder uses include:

- Dry Shampoo alternative
- Shine Remover for face (similar to face powder)
- Keep lipstick in place (pat on in between applications)
- Soothe inflamed and irritated skin
- Remove sand

Working with professionals who specialize in natural, holistic skin care, Noodle & Boo founder Christine Burger developed exclusive, unique formulas that nourish, replenish and protect even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Noodle & Boo products are free from Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Dyes, GMO's, Triclosan, Essential Oils or PPG's.

Noodle & Boo, the leading luxury skincare line for babies and moms, carried at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Buy Buy Baby and thousands of boutiques around the world. Noodle & Boo has a celebrity fan list that includes the most discriminating mamas in Hollywood and beyond, because of its thoughtful and conscientious formulations made from the best of natural and organic ingredients and the best of science. Noodle & Boo is clinically formulated for sensitive skin. 

Most importantly, Noodle & Boo was established to help children in need. Not only is this evident in the effectiveness of our product, but as a company, our focus on charity and giving underscores all that we do.

Some of their most popular products include....

1. Super Soft Lotion; 8 oz. $14, 16 oz. $18 - The Super Soft Lotion has a light, silky formula that leaves baby super soft and snuggly. Packed with vitamins E and C, these natural antioxidants help to protect delicate skin leaving it sweetly supple.

2. Newborn 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash; 8 oz. $14, 16 oz. $18 - The Newborn 2-in-1 was created especially for tender newborn skin and hair without stripping baby's natural moisture. This high moisture formula is not only is soap-free and tearless but rebalances skin's pH, while provitamin B and vitamin E keep hair healthy and shiny.

3. Ultimate Ointment; 2.5 oz. $15, 5 oz. $18 - The Ultimate Ointment is perfect for diaper rash, ultra-dry skin and eczema. It contains active ingredient Zinc Oxide to help protect and enhance the natural healing process. While the ointment creates a moisture repellant barrier between skin and source of irritation, it soothes inflamed skin with bisabolol and allantoin which helps to prevent further aggravation. Fragrance- and preservative-free.

Most of their products are formulated with a delicious signature Crème Douce fragrance with peach, water blossoms, ripe mixed berries and clover honey. Soft notes of rich warm milk and vanilla beans abound. Until next time...

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