Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dog Training The American Male: Take The Test To See Who Is A Member In Good Standing Of The Canine Club

Most women would describe the perfect male as domesticated and well trained, but author L.A. Knight knows that most men are happiest relaxing on the couch, scratching their privates, and watching sports! I'd like to send you a copy of Dog Training the American Male ― his hilarious new book described as Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In meets a funny Fifty Shades of Grey ― in consideration of an interview or review. Says Knight: "Men are dogs… and we like it that way. I say 'bring it on' but just go easy on the electric shock collar!” {Book provided for review/feature consideration}

L.A. Knight's own marriage and the experiences of two different dog trainers he hired to train his German Shepherd, provided the unique inspiration for his laugh-out-loud book, Dog Training the American Male. Realizing his wife often treats him like a dumb animal (deservedly so, he admits, since most men are simple creatures who essentially want sex, food and to watch football), he jokes: "Give us what we want and domestication is possible. After all, who among us hasn't performed for a treat, peed on a tree, dry-humped a woman's leg, howled at the moon, or stuck his nose in a groin or two.”

At the heart of this hilarious tale is Dr. Nancy Beach, a relationship counselor who hosts a local radio show in South Florida called Love's a Beach. Sadly, since this relationship guru can't seem to make her own relationships work, her credibility and ratings are in the toilet. She is set up on a blind date with Jacob, a casualty of Lehman Brothers, who lost his job and swagger and now yearns to be a stand-up comedienne/ventriloquist. Since he's already a walking thesaurus of phobias and now he's dating a psych major― these two are either the perfect match or the relationship is a ticking time bomb.

Their siblings, for different reasons, don't care ― they just want to be rid of them! Jacob's brother (gynecologist Vinnie) and Nancy's lesbian sister (Lana) encourage the young couple to move in together. When the honeymoon stage abruptly ends, Lana convinces Jacob to buy her sister a little white foo-foo dog ― a pet she enjoyed as an insecure child. Being a "typical man” Jacob doesn't listen and instead goes to the dog pound, returning home with Sam – a 120-pound German Shepherd.

Needless to say, chaos ensues and Nancy flips out. But after hiring a dog trainer she has an epiphany … what if the dogtrainer's techniques can be used to housebreak Jacob? What follows is a wildly hilarious, social experiment that every couple and dog owner can identify with.

Kirkus Reviews states "Dog Training the American Male is funny in the best way: the humor propels the action rather than pausing it . . . prose flows like a jocular babbling brook. L.A. Knight is a naturally-gifted comic writer; what is more, she is a talented storyteller.” What is also funny is that like many readers, Kirkus assumed L.A. Knight is a woman. In fact, the author is NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten whose riveting hit series MEG was recently optioned by Warner Brothers for a movie to be directed by Jon Turtletaub and starring Jason Statham.

For information, please visit the website at: http://laknightentertainment.com and see the book trailer at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzkXbmoIgDE.

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