Tuesday, June 28, 2016

FOREO Launches FIRST EVER Electric Toothbrush for Babies: ISSA mikro!

Meet the new ISSA mikro - the first silicone power toothbrush for babies offering a gentle gum massage and oral cleaning to defend against tooth decay. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

The ISSA mikro is the first power toothbrush for babies (yes, babies!). It offers a gentle gum massage and cleaning for children ages 0-4. Coming in an array of bright colors it's perfect as a gift or for your own little one!

FOREO successfully launched the world’s first silicone electric toothbrush, the ISSA in January 2014 on Indiegogo, challenging the world with a new design to the conventional toothbrush. Since then, the ISSA has won numerous awards and revolutionized the oral care category providing superior yet gentle dental cleaning results and most importantly serving as a solution for those plagued by gum recession and sensitivity.

Alarming studies reveal a recent rise in oral cavities among children between the ages of two and five years old necessitating a need for gum massage before the first tooth develops and the implementation of a solid cleaning routine upon the appearance of a baby’s first tooth. The design of the ISSA mikro offers innovations that directly address common pain points expressed by parents introducing a brushing routine to their infants, with a seamlessly attached brush head that is small and rounded to clean small baby teeth at any angle. Extremely soft silicone bristles channel delicate pulsations in two modes that massage and relieve itchy gums from teething and gently clean away plaque.

“The ISSA mikro was born from the need to address the #1 chronic children’s disease in the country, tooth decay, states Justin Wang, FOREO president. “Addressing a gap in the market – for the first time in infant oral care – the new launch goes beyond simple silicone and incorporates soothing vibrations to make brushing for babies enjoyable and painless for parents. It’s truly a toothbrush redesign, and it only makes sense that we launch on Indiegogo, a destination to research an experience new innovation.”

The ISSA mikro offers the following key features and benefits:

  • Hygienic silicone design. Nonabrasive, soft silicone bristles provide an effective clean. The ultra-hygienic, nonporous silicone brush is quick-drying and minimizes the spread of germs by being resistant to bacteria build-up.
  • Soothing sonic pulse technology. For the first time in infant oral care, delicate pulsations (via two modes, brush mode and massage mode) are effectively channelled through the bristles to remove plaque while being gentle on teeth. The risk of tooth decay and cavities are reduced and teething gums are massaged.
  • Motivating, exciting and kid-friendly. A rewarding and fun feature, ISSA mikro’s smile helpers, glee and glum light up accordingly revealing whether the ISSA mikro has been consistently used.
  • Safety and ease of use. 100% waterproof, non-toxic, BPA, PVC, latex and phthalate-free, the ISSA mikro is ergonomically designed to be safe and easy to use. The ISSA mikro is safety tested by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) labs and is RoHS, CE, and IPX7 compliant.

The ISSA mikro is comes in five eye-catching colors: Fuchsia, Kiwi Green, Sunflower Yellow, Pearl Pink and Bubble Blue. I do have two "secret perks" available for you so that you may have access to additional savings:
$69 for the ISSA™ mikro ($30 savings)
$169 for an ISSA™ + Hybrid Brush Head attachment + ISSA™ mikro ($149 savings). In order to get these deals, you must use these links. Until next time...

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