Monday, June 27, 2016

Celebrate National Brush Week with Tulip Clean!

Meet TULIP - a subscription based oral care service that aims to change the way consumers think and feel about oral care and oral care products. Tulip wants to cultivate an oral care experience that is customizable from top to bottom and enjoyable, thereby instigating better, healthier habits in an organic way for the user. The “movement against the mundane” officially launched on June 26th, which is also the day the toothbrush was invented! {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

What began as a simple subscription concept evolved into a movement to improve the way we experience oral care. "Our research revealed that people's relationship with oral care is incredibly damaged. Many see it as an obligation or chore riddled with negative experiences, starting at the store,” said Yukich. The team developed a perspective that people want the benefits of good oral care, and that their habits can be improved if they simply find ways to introduce delight, as oppose to dread. Everything from the elegant design, to a box that contains fun surprises (no blister packaging!) and replenishing your brush so you never have to buy another one again; there off to a great start. Sanghavi says "We don't claim brushing will be the best part of your day, but we know that treating the consumers' time with respect can lead to delightful experiences where you'd never expect them."

The team emphasizes that they extended their oral care refresh to the products themselves, developed in conjunction with industry experts from a one of the top dental schools in the world and former members of some of the world's largest oral care companies. The TULIP toothbrush, which is color customizable, features two times the average number of bristles and a center strip of activated charcoal bristles. Activated charcoal can change the pH and health of the mouth, and as such is effective in preventing cavities, detoxifying, whitening teeth and killing the bad bacteria present in tooth decay and gingivitis. TULIP’s toothpaste will be available in an array of unique, refreshing flavors such as Mint, Coconut, and Lavender to start. Finally, rounding out the system is the brand’s smooth, wax floss, which shares the toothpaste's flavors and comes in a non-invasive space-saving container.

The company has tremendous faith in their system, and believes once users try it, that they will be hooked on the high quality, affordable products that you order once and never have to think about ordering again; coupled with a sleek design that you not only can, but will want to display. Users can sign up for a starter kit that includes the toothbrush — available in six colors, a tube of toothpaste—available in three flavors, and container of floss. From then on out, users will receive a refresher kit every two months.

Launching June 26, 2016, the TULIP Oral Care System subscription rate retails for $12 for the complete set of three products and is available for purchase online at www.tulipclean.com. Until next time...

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