Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Amazing Apps Your Children Will Love

We all know that entertaining the kids can be tough. That's why sometimes it's nice to get a little helping hand from some kid-friendly apps. Here are some of the best apps out there for your little ones to enjoy, while you get some peace and quiet.

Leila And The Little Folk

If your kids love art, they'll love Leila and the Little Folk. The game is beautifully crafted and a work of art all by itself. The aim of the game is to solve different problems and puzzles as the story unfolds. It's a kind of introduction to role-playing games. But it's heavy focus on solving problems means that it's a workout for their brains too.

Tom Cat

Tom Cat can be fun for people of all ages, including adults. Here we have a cat that will say back to you whatever you say to it. It's a simple idea, but one that will have kids howling with laughter for hours. Tom Cat has been rated as relatively safe at http://gameadvice.org/project/talking-tom-cat-entertainment-app-review. But it's worth mentioning that Tom Cat will say back anything you say to it. Anything!
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Apps are doing their bit to open up a world of education to children that would not have otherwise been possible. Pocket Phonics is one such app. This app is perfect for teaching young children the sounds that are associated with different letters. In a sense, Pocket Phonics makes what kids learn at school into a fun game, making them more willing to take part.

Draw Something

Draw Something is like the app equivalent of the board game, Pictionary. The idea is to draw a picture of something and have the other person guess what it is. As such, Draw Something is about teamwork, and a good way to keep multiple kids entertained. Like Pictionary, it starts off slow. But it soon becomes very intense and engaging, and children rack their brains to work out what is being drawn.

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Cut The Rope

As you might have guessed, this app is all about cutting ropes. Om Nom, the main character is the game is a hungry cutie. And all he wants to do is eat stars. Your task is to make sure his belly is filled by the end of the game. It sounds quite complicated, but once your kids have seen it in action, they'll soon figure it out.

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Angry Birds

It's hard to believe that Angry Birds is now nearly ten years old. But this game hasn't aged over the years. It's still just as engrossing as it ever was. The idea here, in case you don't know, if to catapult angry birds and pigs, who are otherwise minding their own business. It's a little bit like the old DOS game, Gorillas, but this time, it's the birds who are angry.
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Rock 'n' Learn
Rock 'n' Learn is an app designed to help your kids learn multiplication - a daunting task. All of the apps in the Rock 'n' Learn series "gamify" the learning process, helping to make times tables fun.

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