Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Start the School Year Off Right with Annie B’s Nautical Caramel Story Gift Set

Ahoy matey! Looking for a genuine treasure to show your child's new teacher that you appreciate all the work and time that she will be putting towards your children this school year? Annie B's Nautical Caramel Tale gift set is a gorgeously packaged gift and a unique way to present 160 of their deliciously handcrafted caramels.

Artist-designed boxes hold eight different flavors of the mouth watering caramels, slowly cooked in copper pots. Line them up and read the accompanying literature, and the boxes tell a seaworthy story, taking the experience well beyond the realm of usual noshing. All are packaged up neatly and enclosed with an anchor-stamped wax seal, pulling the nautical theme together swimmingly. 

Flavors include: Original, Maple, Chocolate, Butter Rum, Black Raspberry, Black Licorice and, of course, Sea Salt. Even Oprah couldn't refuse, selecting Annie B's as one of her Favorite Gifts! Annie B’s is a decades old family-owned caramel company that thoughtfully makes each and every slow-batch caramel the old fashioned wayAnnie B's are all natural and gluten free. Individual flavor boxes are also available. The Nautical Caramel Story gift set, is $79. Individual nautical gift boxes on sale for $12 at AnnieBsCandy.com. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Until next time...

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