Monday, April 18, 2016

Baby Magic Donates To Make-A-Wish® in Honor of World Wish Day® and Mother's Day

Wishes don’t just happen; they are made possible through the determination of people who care enough to make a difference. Baby Magic, a legacy baby care brand celebrating its 65th year, is partnering with Make-A-Wish® by donating $100,000 and making an additional wish sponsorship for six-year-old Jaden who is battling a life-threatening condition. Coinciding with World Wish Day (April 29), a day for Make-A-Wish to thank those who make wishes come true, and Mother’s Day (May 8), Baby Magic’s donation will help to strengthen and empower kids who are going through tough medical treatments.

“Contributing to Make-A-Wish was a natural choice for the brand,” said Baby Magic Senior Vice President Ron Isom. “Baby Magic and Make-A-Wish both nurture family bonds to make life better and brighter for children – helping them feel comfortable, safe, and cared for. We are happy to do our part in ensuring more wishes are granted.”

The idea for the partnership was born when executives at Baby Magic heard about the wishes made by two young girls battling a rare intestinal disorder. After their mothers found each other in an online support group, Brynne and Ellie forged a friendship, bonding over their shared treatment experiences. Without knowing what the other had asked for, both girls wished to finally meet each other in-person, and Make-A-Wish North Texas and Make-A-Wish Canada joined forces to make their one true wish a reality. After a week of fun in the sun, not only did the bond grow between the girls, but also between their mothers.

Brynne and Ellie’s story deeply impacted executives at Baby Magic and inspired them to grant a wish for a young boy named Jaden. Jaden is an outgoing, funny, friendly six year old. He also has lymphoma. And, his one true wish is to visit Atlantis for a tropical vacation with his mom, dad, and baby sister. Baby Magic will be sponsoring Jaden’s wish and throwing him a fun party to wish him bon voyage on his unforgettable trip.

To support these initiatives, from April through June 2016, Baby Magic will activate a campaign that will include web and social media promotion for Make-A-Wish, as well as in-store co-branded marketing at Walgreens, Walmart, and Kmart. In an effort to make a difference in their own backyard, the Baby Magic team participated in the 11th annual Make-A-Wish North Texas Walk for Wishes® on April 9, 2016, in Dallas, TX. Baby Magic will be inviting their entire staff to participate in the walk, courtesy of the brand.

Granting a wish on average every 35 minutes somewhere in the U.S. and its territories is no easy task for Make-A-Wish to accomplish, but with the help of donors like Baby Magic, they’re making the world a little happier for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. Baby Magic is proud to be a sponsor of Make-A-Wish and is honored to make a lasting impact on the lives of children who need it the most!

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