Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ingredient Spotlight: Cupuaçu

Referred to as the rainforest’s shea butter, cupuaçu trees are common throughout the Amazon basin, growing in the jungles of northern Brazil. The white pulp of cupuaçu is uniquely fragrant, described as a mix of chocolate and pineapple, and it is frequently used in desserts, juices and sweets. The juice tastes primarily like a pear, with a hint of banana. Commercial production of cupuaçu includes food supplements, pills, drinks, smoothies and sweets. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

The pulp is also used in cosmetics products such as body lotions, as it is highly hydrating, similarly to cocoa butter. When formulating the Sapien Women line, Surya Brasil co-founder Wanda Malhotrawanted to make sure this unique ingredient from her native Brazil was incorporated.

Sapien Women Body Moisturizer ($26.39) - This eco-friendly body moisturizer is vegan, natural and rich in exotic organic Amazonian ingredients like Cupuaçu and Murumuru butters, Pracaxi and Açai oils, Amaranth protein, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It also contains Coconut and Mango Essential Oils.

Sapien Women Shave Gel ($20.39) - This eco-friendly shave gel protects skin while shaving. It’s a natural and vegan product made with exotic organic Amazonian ingredients like Cupuaçu butter, Pracaxi oil, Macadamia oil and Vitamin E to prevent drying and protect sensitive skin. Organic Aloe Vera juice and vegetable glycerin promote intense hydration. The Shave Gel contains a natural tropical scent of coconut and mango essential oils and zero GMO's. Free from BHT, EDTA, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and Synthetic Fragrance.

Both of these are in heavy rotation in my skin care routine - which means a lot because I tend to use something once and then move on! The Shave Gel gives me a nice. close shave and leaves my skin soft and smooth and the moisturizer smells so good and soaks into the skin like a dream. Both these products and more can be found on the Surya Brasil website! Until next time...

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