Thursday, March 3, 2016

Date Night Under the Sheets

She’s striving for firmer, more radiant skin; he’s trying to improve his daily shave routine. Next date night, enjoy his and hers facials to treat both of your skincare needs, thanks to BioRepublic Sheet Masks. A proprietary blend of naturally-derived ingredients and half a bottle of serum in each mask meet any couple’s skincare needs. Warning – fighting for the mirror may occur. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

For Her: 

Cucumber Breeze Soothing Sheet Mask (For Skin Stifled by Daily Makeup Use) - An ultra-soothing sheet mask infused with natural cucumber extract, plant collagen and vitamin E restores moisture to dry tired skin. Price: $4.99; $14.95/Set of 3

Pomegranate Crush Illuminating Sheet Mask (For Overworked and Dull Skin) - 
A brightening facial mask infused with natural pomegranate to saturate skin with antioxidants for balanced and glowing skin. Price: $4.99; $14.95/Set of 3

For Him: 

Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Sheet Mask (For Post-Shave Rough and Irritated Skin) - To calm skin from irritation caused by shaving, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E work in harmony to soothe irritated skin. The fiber mask delivers immediate hydration for smooth skin. Price: $4.99; $14.95/Set of 3

Green Tea Detox Purifying Sheet Mask (For Larger Pores and Acne-Prone Skin) - With larger pores than women, men need work a little harder to maintain clear skin. A boost of antioxidants work in this purifying fiber mask loaded with natural green tea extract to remove excess sebum and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Price: $4.99; $14.95/Set of 3

All the masks are available on line from BioRepublic! Until next time...

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