Saturday, December 19, 2015

“I Love Me”: New Children's Book is the Key to Loving Each Other!

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Growing up on a small family farm in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, Catherine Haala (www.catherineahaala.com) lived a simple life. Years later, she was in for quite the shock when she witnessed real poverty for the first time while working on location as a model in the Philippines. These images stayed with her.

Now, Haala is founder and president of non-profit organization The World is Our Neighborhood (TWION), through which for nearly 14 years she has teamed up with like-minded individuals to help raise the level of healthcare and provide other valuable assistance for people in countries experiencing extreme poverty. During this time, Haala was inspired to write a poem that she eventually incorporated onto the celebratory commemorative plaques given to children’s schools, hospitals and orphanages that received TWION assistance.

She expanded upon her poem to write “I Love Me,” a book geared toward children ages 4 to 7 that can benefit readers of all ages, as it joyfully and lovingly affirms the limitless gifts and magnificence we all bring into the universe.

“Self-love is the cornerstone to high self-esteem, love of others, gratitude, forgiveness and to living life to its fullest potential. If children truly love and believe in themselves, their life possibilities are limitless and their level of consciousness will positively impact the universe!” Haala said.

“I Love Me” is enchanting and beautifully illustrated with whimsical characters from around the world. Children can even personalize their own goals and gratitude pages, and see their reflection in an “I Love Me” mirror.

“I Love Me”

By Catherine Haala

Available in hardcover and e-book

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books and Balboa Press

About the author and TWION

Catherine Haala (www.catherineahaala.com) is an actress and model who is the president and founder of The World Is Our Neighborhood (TWION), a 501(c)(3) volunteer (no salaries) charity that helps to raise the level of healthcare and provides other valuable assistance for communities in need around the world, working with the poor, elderly, mentally and physically challenged. For more information about TWION, visit www.TWION.org, or see it covered in O, The Oprah Magazine. 50% of the net proceeds from the book “I Love Me” will benefit TWION.

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