Friday, July 24, 2015

Protein-Packed Burrito to Fuel Your Next Workout: Red's Natural Foods

What if you could refuel after a workout with a protein-rich snack exploding with all the flavors you’d expect from an authentic Mexican restaurant? Well now you can with Red’s Natural Foods’ new line of frozen burritos.

Available in five flavors – Spicy Chipotle Beef & Bean, Bean & Cheese, Chicken & Cheese, Braised Chicken Sweet Potato & Quinoa, and Steak & Cheese – these burritos are 100% all-natural and preservative-free. In one Red’s Natural Foods’ 5oz burrito, you’ll find up to a whopping 16 grams of protein! My favorite is the Braised Chicken, Sweet Potato & Quinoa

There are also some fantastic breakfast varieties to help start your day off the right way: 

Red’s burritos feature custom made tortillas that are just large enough to hold all the goodness inside without weighing you down. And with antibiotic-free meat, all-natural beans and rBGH-free cheese, these burritos let protein be the star. All the varieties that I tried were delicious - and so easy to prepare! Make sure to look out for Red's Natural Foods Burritos (and Burrito Bowls) in a frozen food aisle near you. Until next time...

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