Monday, July 27, 2015

The Top Online Games For Bored Moms

With the advent of smartphones, tablets and high speed internet, a world of online opportunities has been opened up, especially in the realm of entertainment. Part of this innovation has been the activity of playing games online via devices, however many moms reading this might balk at the notion of indulging in video games; aren't they for the children, after all? The answer is no! There are hosts of entertaining games and websites out there for mums to enjoy, and here are some of the best!

Uptown Aces

If nail-biting excitement and the chance to win big are two things you crave, then online gaming website Uptown Aces is the place for you. Here, players can play VIP games or play for free, enjoying poker, blackjack, slots and all manner of other casino-themed titles. What's more, players, old and new, can easily take advantage of the promotions on the site; right now, for instance, new players are afforded $8888 free credit to play with!

Puzzle Games

A nifty little site, Mom's Puzzle Games is the one-stop shop for all things puzzling, and a great place to while away one's more uneventful moments. You can play mah-jong, pinball, word-based and memory based titles, all of which are completely free. One of our favourites hosted on the site was Cube'O Logic, where players must eliminate blocks by matching and moving colours around the screen.


Many parents staying at home with small children may wish to combine a little entertainment with the education of their little ones, and JumpStart is the perfect website for this purpose! Hosted on the site are absolutely loads of educational games, all of which are completely free to use and play, and many of which use children's film and TV characters too.


Bored of the selection of games at Puzzle Games? Click on over to GameMoms.com, where a similarly huge breadth of titles are available. This site is a good choice because many of the games are akin to the popular (and paid-for) apps that populate the Google and Apple stores, but are absolutely free to play and enjoy!

Words With Friends

Played via Facebook or app, Words With Friends is a game very alike Scrabble, but with one amazing difference - you can play against anyone, anywhere, at any time! Enjoy games against friends half way around the world or play against strangers, boosting your vocabulary in the process.

Are you a fan of on-line games? Which ones do you play? Until next time...

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