Friday, May 15, 2015

Burn 880 Calories an Hour with FXP Fitness Hula Hoop!

Warmer weather is on the way and women everywhere are thinking about this year’s swimsuits—and this year’s fitness routine. But how do you keep fitness fun and interesting while guaranteeing that bikini bod? {Product sent for review/feature consideration}

Introducing a brand new workout that’s easy, exciting and can burn 880 calories per hour…FXP Fitness Hula Hoop!

FXP Fitness was born from the idea that fitness should be an enjoyable, accessible experience that yields great results. It is a low to no impact program inspired by proven methods such as pilates, barre, and yoga, and combines them into a high intensity interval training system…all while using the specially designed fitness hula hoop. Perfect for toning arms, strengthening legs, and slimming middles, FXP is designed for ”all ages and all stages” and is backed by a recent metabolic study on the effectiveness of the FXP hula hoop and workout DCDs. Plus, its curriculum is easily modifiable to fit tight schedules, tight spaces, and lifestyles continuously on-the-go.

With FXP Fitness, users have access to several forms of fitness fun:

Hula Hoop Kits – These specially designed kits come equipped with everything needed to help women reach their specific goals. Choose from five kits including: FXP Starter Kit, FXPCardio Sculpt, Total Body Makeover, Total Body Makeover Plus, and Create Your Own. Each kit comes with retractable hoop, carry bag, DVDs, guides and more! Kits start at an affordable $49.94.

Hula Hoop Level 1 Teacher Training – Designed for trainers by trainers, it’s the first step in teaching FXP Fitness classes. Trainers receive the highest level of individual support in the industry, from business tools and webinars to lesson plans and troubleshooting support. Training is $250 with discounts for groups and military.More Info here.

Hula Hoop Life Diet Nutrition Program – Provides access to expert nutritionists, meal planning guides, recipes, support, and more.

Mobile App – The perfect way to access FXP programs while away from home. Provides freeworkout guides and optional premium content. Available on iOS and Android devices.

FXP Fitness was programmed by internationally respected fitness leader, Niece Pecenka, to help users shed pounds, lose inches from their waistlines, and sculpt their bodies all while having fun! I received the Starter Kit to try out and it is SO MUCH fun! I work up a sweat and whittling my waist while having a blast. My daughters love to pull out there hula hoops and work out with me!

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