Monday, February 9, 2015

V-Day Gifts for the Entire Family!

V-Day Gifts for the Entire Family!

Le Couvent des Minimes Eau Aimable- Botanical Cologne of Love {3.4 oz, $38 ; 8.4 oz, $49} - 

This Valentine’s Day, treat those dear to your heart to an exquisite fragrance experience with Eau Aimable, the Botanical Cologne of Love, from Le Couvent des Minimes. Sparkling and delicious, this floral-fruity blend combines sweet orange blossom, citrus fruits and five beneficial plants to evoke sweet memories. The scent transports you to a springtime stroll through Mediterranean orange trees and conjures the fresh, juicy scent of summer fruits.

ERH1012 deadofnight Perfume Oil Necklace {$295;1.25 mL fragrance in 18kt gold plated flower necklace and a refill bottle} - 

How about something for yourself? This stunning perfume oil is packaged in a luxe 18kt gold plated necklace. Warm and sensual, deadofnight opens with green top notes. The complexity of the Oudh heart is balanced with light, floral hints of Jasmine and Rose, and finishes with nuanced Sandalwood, Amber, and White Musk. The sophisticated, unique fragrance finishes with a lingering hint of mystical allure. Handcrafted in small batches, the exceptional oil is slowly absorbed into the skin, combining with the wearer to create a deeply personal, unique scent.

Hästens Bathrobe {$450} and Down Slipper Boots {$80} -

Give your Valentine a bathrobe fit for a king. Made from premium cotton in a rich, double-cut terry cloth, it features Hästens signature blue check design. And while you're at it - treat your feet! Cushion them with tender, loving care with these warm, indulgent slipper boots, filled with a superior blend of 75% white down and 25% sea bird feathers. Made with 100% cotton, the boots feature a ribbon detail with the Hästens blue check.

The Children’s Place {Starting at $3; nothing over $20.00!} -

From sweetheart graphic tees, love-ly pajamas, and heart-shaped accessories, The Children’s Place has everything you need for your little Valentine.

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