Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Give Your Honey Gifts from Savannah Bee Company this V-Day!

Honeycomb Special Valentine's Day Gift Set

Savannah Bee Company has the perfect sweet treat for your honey this Valentine's Day! {Product sent for review/feature consideration}

The Honeycomb Special Valentine's Day gift set {$33.50; pictured above} is a true flavor trio. This delectable gift includes one 12oz jar of incredible spun Winter White honey, one 3.35oz jar Adam Turoni's heavenly Honey Caramel Sauce, and one 4oz chunk of premium dark chocolate covered honeycomb. Enjoy these amazing treats from the hive and the chocolatier one at a time or try spreading the Winter White over the chocolate covered honeycomb and then drizzling a little (or a lot) of Adam's honey caramel sauce on top. Your tastebuds will never be the same!

The Sweetest Surprise Valentine's Day Gift Set

Savannah Bee's Sweetest Surprise Valentine's Day gift set {$54.50} will thrill the honey and chocolate lover in your life. This incredible gift set includes one 12oz jar of Savannah Bee Tupelo honey, one 12oz jar of Savannah Bee Winter White honey, one 3.35oz jar of Adam Turoni's decadent Honey Caramel Sauce, and one, tube of Adam Turoni's Dark Chocolate Honey Hazelnut Truffles! With the combination of these four products, this is a "can't miss" Valentine's Day gift.

Goodness All Over Gift Set

The Goodness All Over Valentine's Day Gift Set {$62.50} is a skin care gift with a honey chocolate hazelnut twist! This great Savannah Bee Valentine's Day gift set includes one Royal Jelly Body Butter (6.7oz jar), one Savannah Bee Beeswax Hand Cream (3.4oz jar), one Wild Blackberry Honey Body Lotion (8.0oz ), an one package of seven dark chocolate honey hazelnut truffles. Absolutely the best skin care available paired with delectable honey hazelnut truffles! This is the set that I received for review and it is beyond amazing - it has everything you need to pamper your sweet tooth and your skin!

My Sweet and Sensitive Valentine Gift Set

A trio of items with their signature Lemongrass Spearmint scent pair perfectly with their Sensitive Skin Royal Jelly Body Butter! Round this great body care gift set off with thick slice of wildflower honeycomb covered with premium dark chocolate and you have one fantastic Valentine's Day gift set! The Sweet and Sensitive Valentine's Day Gift Set {$72}  includes one Lemongrass Spearmint Honey and Royal Jelly Shampoo (8oz), one Lemongrass Spearmint Honey and Propolis Conditioner (8oz), one Lemongrass Spearmint Honey Body Lotion (8oz), one Sensitive Skin Royal Jelly Body Butter (6.7oz), and one generous slice of dark chocolate covered Wildflower honeycomb. Your honey will absolutely love this luxurious gift set!

The packaging of my gift set was gorgeous, customer service is fantastic, and shipping was super quick - Savannah Bee Company has everything you need to make a sweet impression on your loved ones this Valentine's Day - or any other special occasion! Until next time...

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