Monday, September 22, 2014

Let AcneFree Help You with "Exam Stress" Breakouts!

The beginning of a new school year marks the start of exams – and the undeniable stress and acne breakouts that can come with them. Stress during exam periods may lead to acne in some teens and is commonly referred to by dermatologists as “exam stress.” It consists of flares of acne that typically appear on the chin, jaw, and neck. This year, help fight pre-exam breakouts with AcneFree®, a complete line of effective acne treatment products. {Products provided for review/feature consideration}

According to NYC Dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner, MD, stress often triggers the adrenal glands to overproduce adrenaline and androgens, which stimulate sebaceous glands and can cause acne flare-ups. In fact, results of a recent study conducted on students at the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that subjects who had the greatest increase in stress during examination periods also had the greatest increase in acne severity. Although having stress during exams is often unavoidable, you can help minimize stress-related breakouts. Follow these tips provided by AcneFree® and Dr. Zeichner to learn how to help keep skin clear during exam periods.

1. Minimize your stress. Take time for yourself and exercise to keep your mind and body refreshed. After a workout, wash your face with the NEW AcneFree® Energizing Acne Wash & Scrub with its Advanced Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide formula. This will help to clear skin of dirt, oil, and impurities – while also working to unclog pores and fight acne bacteria.

2. Rev up your skincare regimen before exams to help prevent or minimize breakouts. When you know you have a test coming up, try giving your skin some extra special attention the week before, as well as the week of your exams. Wash your face every morning and night with the AcneFree® Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo. The 2-speed facial cleansing brush exfoliates, while the AcneFree® Oil-Free Purifying Cleanser with benzoyl-peroxide goes deep into pores to help eliminate acne bacteria and control breakouts. Peyton has been using the system for over a month now and totally loves it! She has not had a major breakout since she started using it so she is a happy camper.

3. Eat right. It is proven that stress eating with high glycemic index foods can promote acne breakouts – and additionally, stress caused by self-perceived worsening of diet quality has also been proven to cause breakouts. Although studying may seem like top priority at this time, don’t let your health take a back seat. Be mindful of what you are eating, don’t overdo it with the caffeine, and be sure to give your body the proper nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy mind, body, and complexion.

4. Get your sleep. Disruptions in your normal sleep patterns can increase cortisol levels and lead to breakouts. Avoid all-nighters and caffeine before bedtime, and try to maintain a normal sleep schedule. Before going to sleep, use the AcneFree® Therapeutic Sulfur Mask. Its minty cool, refreshing tingle will help calm you down after a night of studying while also absorbing access oils that attract acne-causing bacteria.

5. Visit your dermatologist if symptoms worsen.

AcneFree® is available at major drug and mass retailers nationwide.

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