Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dental Care for the Whole Family with REACH Complete Care and Firefly!

Dental care is something that is super important in our house: because I nursed all of our girls, I started with their oral care before they even had teeth! Now that they are all old enough to take care of their own teeth {the youngest two with a bit of adult supervision}, I find that it's important to give them tools that make them look forward to their dental care routine. Thanks to REACH and Firefly, I have the perfect tools for the entire family! {Products provided for review/feature consideration}

Reach Complete Care released recently {just in time for back to school} and features an industry first: patent pending triple angle technology, providing three different angles of bristle cleaning – left, straight and right. The technology maximizes vertical surface contact for superior plaque removal and an unprecedented total mouth cleaning worthy of the name “complete.”

Did you know this year is Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary {and apparently she is a little girl and not a cat}? I'm a Hello Kitty fan from way back {I even used to have a picture of her on my sidebar} and so it's only natural that all 3 of my girls as Hello Kitty fans too! I may have incited a mini riot when I opened up this box of goodies from Firefly - I was only able to resolve the tug of war over who would get to use the toothbrush when I pulled out an Angry Birds toothbrush {also from Firefly} out of my stash for Kenzie {who is currently OBSESSED with all things Angry Birds}.  The new FireFly Hello Kitty Ready Go Brush and Mouthrinse are adorable, fun and cute oral care teaching tools that also entertain during the everyday brushing routine, plus they look fab in any girly girl’s bathroom! The lil bits love the suction cup feature at the bottom and have fun turning off the lights when they brush their teeth so that they can see the nifty light up timer that lets them know how long to brush. I love the easy to use pump feature on the mouthrinse as well as the included no-mess cup. 

How to you make oral care fun at your home? When did you start a regular dental routine with your kids? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

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