Thursday, September 4, 2014

Choose CowWow Instead of Sports Drinks for Your Active Kids!

Experts say that children ages nine and up should drink at least 2 liters of fluids a day. With this said it is important to ensure that your kids are drinking fluids and this may mean doing a little research. You may be doing more harm then good when handing them a soda or sports drink. Getting them to drink plain water may be near impossible, and with experts saying that chocolate milk is the new go to for sports recovery drinks both you and your kids can win the dehydration battle.

Ideal to keep sugar low: On average, most “sport’s” drinks include close to ten teaspoons of added sugar. High sugar intake is one of the main contributing factors to obesity in the country. Some people choose a sport drink thinking it's the better choice... never knowing how sweet it really is. CowWow contains only six grams of added sugar, in teaspoon talk that equates to little over one teaspoon.

Chocolate milk and Protein: Post-workout chocolate milk is beneficial because of its protein content. Every cup contains between eight and 11 grams of protein, ideally you’ll want to consume between 15 and 25 grams of protein after a workout, which equates to 500 to 750 ml of chocolate milk. Turning to post-workout chocolate milk immediately following your lifting sessions is also a smart move because of the types of carbohydrates it provides. CowWow contains only 22 grams of Carbohydrates. This sugar will cause a spike in insulin levels, driving the glucose molecules into the muscle tissue and replenishing the energy stores for your next workout. Without this insulin spike, you’re going to be looking at a slower recovery period, which could mean more time out of the gym.
Milk also contains Calcium - one of the minerals that play a critical role in the “power stroke” – when the individual muscle fibers generate tension through a cross-bridge cycling pattern, causing contraction to take place. CowWow contains 40% of the daily intake needed for Calcium.

Cow Wow is a single-serve, ready-to-drink flavored milk that captures the unique and wonderful taste of the bottom of the cereal bowl. This delicious and nutritious dairy beverage is made with low-fat, organic milk and contains nine essential vitamins and nutrients and is a good source of calcium, protein, and potassium. It’s also UHT pasteurized which means it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and it’s good for up to one year so you can store it in the cupboard until you’re ready to drink it. 

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