Friday, September 5, 2014

Make KIND Snacks A Part of Your School Year!

A balanced diet is a vital thing to the health of the entire family - but sometimes it's a hard thing to get a handle on when the hectic pace of the school year is upon us. Don't fret, KIND Snacks has multiple solutions to help you provide healthy and delicious snacks and treats for your entire family! {Products provided for review/feature consideration}

Breakfast Checklist: If your kids are in too much of a rush for breakfast, their school performance could suffer. This study found that kids who eat breakfast miss less school, average higher math scores, and 20% are even more likely to graduate! Easy, quick and nutritionally dense options are best to ensure they can at least grab breakfast as they run out the door in the morning. Make sure you check off protein, fiber, and healthy fats for this meal for energy and brain power.

Pack a Snack: Packing healthy options is the best way to help your kids avoid all the unhealthy choices lurking around their school. Between vending machines, bake sales, candy fund raisers and the snacks in the lunch line, who knows what they’re eating throughout the day! If they keep some healthy snacks in their locker or school bag, they’re less likely to fall prey to all these temptations, and they’ll be getting the brain food they really need.

Lunch Punch: Did you know that in school lunch lines, pizza and french fries are considered vegetables? It might be the safest option to pack a school lunch to ensure your kids are getting the real vegetables they need, as well as fruits, proteins and whole grains. Make it interesting with some bold flavors to ensure they actually eat what you pack!

Parent’s Lunch Crunch: Don’t forget mom or dad! During back to school it can be all too easy for parents to forget about taking care of themselves when they’re taking care of their kids. When you’re in a time crunch, make sure you too have easily accessible, healthy foods to snack on and reach for when it’s lunch time. Maybe pack your own lunch at the same time you pack for your kids so you can ensure a healthy meal is ready when you are!

Take it from me, you need the Caramel Almond & Sea Salt bar and Raspberry Clusters with Chia Seeds granola in your life ASAP! Whenever I'm craving a sweet treat and don't want to derail my weight loss efforts, I reach for one of the two and am so happy {and satisfied}. My girls love the new "chewy with a crunch" bars - they are perfect to pack for snack or for munching as a quick breakfast on the way to the bus stop in the morning. Have you tried KIND Snacks? What variety/flavor is your favorite? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and tell me all about it! Until next time...

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