Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Energems (and Jewelry) Are A Girl's Best Friend!

Move over diamonds, girls have a new best friend after last nights StyleLab! This year's exclusive, invite only event had guests drooling over more than the one-of-a-kind designer jewelry. Stylists and celebrity guests chose to take Energems, a sleek and desirable gem that delivers the highest grade of energy. The Oscars trendiest celebrity guests' navigate the red carpet with Energems because it is packed with B-Vitamins, caffeine and real milk chocolate. At only 15- calories, it is no surprise that Energems is the accessory celebrities chose to help them sparkle on screen and off. {Product sent for review consideration}
StyleLab Jewelry preview is an exclusive invite only event at a secret location in Beverly Hills, California. On February 27th, guests were given the opportunity to choose from an array of unique designer jewelry while on the red carpet at the Oscars. The brands featured in the suite include the American Gem Trade Association Collection, Dena Kemp, IDH Titanium, Farah Khan, and others. From platinum and diamonds to pearls and zultanite, over 200 pieces worth $20 million dollars were available for loan. 

Thanks to the founder and CEO of Energems, Brian Street, a girl's best friend is now chocolate energy. Brian Street, realized the potential for an energy supplement made with real milk chocolate and created a gem that is unlike any other on the market today. Energems provides a great-tasting, low-calorie energy alternative that will keep you looking put together, even during your busiest moments.

Energems is a great tasting energy supplement made with a special blend of B-vitamins, caffeine and real milk chocolate. The hard-coated gems are 15 calories each and come in three flavors; milk chocolate, peanut butter chocolate and mint chocolate. Three Energems are equivalent to one strong cup of coffee and with nine gems in each portable box, consumers decide when and how much energy they get. One box of Energems retails at $2.99 and can be found at Dollar General and select Circle K stores, 7-Eleven stores, independent retailers and Energems.net

I can tell you first hand that Energems are delicious {my faves are the mint and the peanut butter} and really do give you a great boost of energy! Unless it's Starbucks, I really don't feel like having another cup of coffee in the afternoon, so when I need a boost, Energems are a delicious way to get it - all without the annoying jitters that sometimes accompanies energy drinks and other supplements AND without the added calories!

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