Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wunderkind Review: Prince Lionheart flipSTOOL

My girls are all tall-Peyton is already the same height as me and the two little bits are both tall for their ages. But that doesn't mean that they can't use a bit of vertical assistance from time to time like their mommy! That's where Prince Lionheart's clever {and cute} flipSTOOL comes in! {Product sent for consideration/review}

The flipSTOOL ($25 at www.princelionheart.com , Target, and Babies R' Us)  is a versatile item that both you and your child will find helpful. It is short enough for toddlers to sit on and play games, to use as a booster seat at the dinner table, or to be used as a step stool to reach items just out of reach. The interchangeable pink and blue colors are vibrant and inviting for young children. If they get tired of one color, simply flip it over and it’s like having two stools in one! This is actually quite a useful feature for my little girls: Lo insists on using the pink side and makes sure to flip the stool over when it's Kenzie's turn to use it so that she uses the blue side {kids!}.

My girls love to use the stool in the bathroom to help them reach the sink and look in the mirror when brushing their teeth, etc. It also comes in handy when Kenzie is in the mood to potty train {that's a whole other story}. It's light and portable enough to move easily from the bathroom to their room so they can use it as a seat when watching TV, reach for toys on the shelf, and to draw on their chalkboard wall. The flipSTOOL has really become an invaluable part of our every day lives! 

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