Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Reads (Wunderkind Edition): Bunny Loves to Write

Parragon Books' Bunny Loves to Write by Peter Bently 

I'm very happy to say: as much as my girls and I like to watch TV, we also all LOVE to read! I've shared books here before as part of my "Be Chic Literate" series {and I have a few reviews coming up really soon!}, but I would love to start sharing some of the gems that my youngest daughters and I get to enjoy during our story time! {Book sent for consideration}

Last night we read the adorable, Bunny Loves to Write by Peter Bently from Parragon Books. It tells the story of a bunny named Buster, his sister, and their friends as he tries to complete a school assignment to create his own story. Even though Buster is an avid reader {his mother remarks that he is always carrying around a book}, he is anxious about having to write a story of his own. 

But after some encouragement from his mom and inspiration from his adventures with his friends, he soon has plenty of material to write and original tale!

Not only do Buster and his friends create an inventive and entertaining story, they even add their own illustrations!

As a parent, I really enjoyed this story for multiple reasons. I know I'm going to sound like a total geek for saying this, but I love that the characters in the book had alliterative names: the bunnies were names Buster and Bella, the frog {pictured above} was Francine, Max was the mouse's name, and the squirrel was called Sam. It was a subtle detail, but one that I caught on to quickly nonetheless. I really liked that it was established early on that Buster loved to read stories of all kinds, he was conscientious about completing his school assignment, and that he had a variety of friends. I also loved that all of the friends worked together and used their imaginations to create a story with Buster. 

Throughout the story, Buster carried a book with him, so that he could write down his ideas as soon as they came to him. Since we are currently working with Lo to help her learn how to read and write, I thought this was a fantastic way to encourage her to write more and use her imagination to create her own stories. So she and I are going to look for a special book for her to  carry everywhere she goes,  so that she can be a writer, just like Buster {and mommy}!

Do you have story time with your littles? What stories have you enjoyed with them lately and why? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Bunny Loves to Write is available in hardback  on Amazon right now for the great prize of $7.19. It would be a great addition to any little library! Until next time...

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