Thursday, November 14, 2013

She Said What Now? NickMom's Kids Say the Darndest #MotherFunny Things

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Yep... that's my Kenziekins, draped in like, 20 pairs of my underwear. She went through a phase where every chance she got, she ransacked my lingerie drawer and set about putting every single pair of panties I owned...over her head. Yeah. Wore them all around her neck like necklaces or something. Lasted for months. But at least she was cute with it and it was in the privacy of our own home {well, until I took a picture of it and posted it on the web for the whole world to see}. Now that there is such a thing as NickMom and NickMom.com, at least I know my kids aren't the only little weirdos out there {but of course Nickelodeon didn't come out with it until I was on my third and last kid}...

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  1. OH MY GOSH I'm laughing out loud.That picture of your daughter where you interrupted her meal was HILARIOUS. One time we were at my friend's very Southern church, and my daughter asked why everyone else was brown except us. I about DIIIIIIED. I told her that God blessed them with beautiful tans and that he makes people in all sorts of colors. She said, "Like a rainbow?" Yes, darlin'. Like a rainbow. My brother in law is from Kenya so I had to explain to her that everyone there was brown like Uncle Ziggy and we are white like Aunt Shelbi. Dead. I LOVE this post, it honestly made me laugh out loud! #client


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