Thursday, November 21, 2013

Protect Your Color (and Curls) with L'Occitane!

Protect Your Color with L'Occitane
{Product was sent by PR for review consideration}

We all know that L'Occitane carries a wide and wonderful selection of fragrance, skin care, and bath and body goods-but did you know they offer hair care as well? It's just as luxurious as the skin care I've been raving about lately {hello, Divine Lotion and Iris Angelica Sublime Essence}! Here's an overview of my favorite hair care line from the French luxury brand, the Aromachologie Radiance and Color Care Collection!

L’Occitane’s Radiance & Color Care Collection includes a Radiance & Color Care Shampoo ($22), Radiance & Color Care Conditioner ($22),  and Radiance & Color Care Mask ($32) {I reviewed it and a few other L'Occitane masks here}.

L'Occitane Aromachologie Radiance and Color Care Shampoo - is a  sulfate-free shampoo formulated with a botanical blend of five essential oils (geranium, palmarosa, bergamot, rosemary and cedar), as well as grape seed extract, to enhance radiance and help keep color from fading. Its creamy formula gently cleanses while preserving the brightness of highlighted or color-treated hair. Additionally, UV filters help protect your hair color against the sun's harmful rays.

L'Occitane Aromachologie Radiance and Color Care Conditioner - this light, creamy conditioner is the star of the show for me! It has the same good for hair {and your color} ingredients as the shampoo {geranium, palmarosa, bergamot, rosemary, and cedar oils and grape seed extract} and UV filters {a must have to protect you color}, plus it works wonder for detangling my curls! It preserves color brightness and leaves hair soft, shiny and easy to manage without weighing it down.

L'Occitane Aromachologie Radiance and Color Care Mask - With a melting texture, the formula detangles hair, leaving color vibrant and hair soft, shiny and easy to manage. Even when I didn't have color in my hair,  I liked to use products formulated for color treated hair because they tend to be more gentle and have sun protectant in them; two things that are well suited for curly girls in the summer time! This luxurious mask is thick and creamy and smells so delicious; it has an intoxicating, feminine, floral fragrance that lingers in your locks. After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I coated my curls with the rich mask, but concentrated specifically on my ends (I did this by applying the product to my ends first and then working my way up the hair shaft). I then put on a shower cap and left the mask on for 5 minutes (the package says 2-3 minutes). Before rinsing it out, I stood under the stream of warm water from the shower for a bit , so that the heat from the water would help the mask penetrate the hair shaft. Then I finger detangled my hair (quite easily, I might add) before finally rinsing the mask out. It can be used once a week to infuse hair with maximum color-protecting ingredients and radiance.
I can tell you that after using these luxurious products on my curls {and my fading color-I can't decide whether I want to grow it out (I sort of miss my dark tresses) or re-color} look and feel fantastic! Do you have a certain line of product you rely on for your curls and/or color treated tresses? What are your hair care concerns? My inquiring wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

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  1. I have never thought of L'Occitane for haircare, I'll have to check them out.


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