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October 2013 Favorites!

October 2013 Favorites

I tried really REALLY hard to narrow it down to an even 10 this month, but just couldn't do it! So here they are, the 13 products I could not stop reaching for during the month of October. {Products sent for review will be noted with c/o}.

Fitness/Diet Favorites

I've never really been a fan of water, but AquaHydrate {c/o} has really turned the tide for me. It tastes so smooth and has been the only bottle of water that I can actually guzzle down. It has the added benefit of being enhanced with electrolytes, so it is particularly refreshing and beneficial after a workout {which I've been trying to do a lot more}. I've also been loving Lean1 Healthy Lifestyle Shake in Vanilla {c/o}. I've been trying a bunch of protein shakes recently, as I've been in search of a good meal replacement type shake, and this has been the BEST ONE HANDS DOWN! It tastes like a yummy vanilla milkshake, but better because it's good for you. It has been the best thing about my early mornings, absolutely delicious and filling too! I actually had to ration out my portions so that it could last for as long as possible. I see buying multiple canisters in my future!

Random Favorites

I'm as surprised as anyone to have something as basic as toothpaste and mouthwash on my favorites list, but Luster Premium White Toothpaste and Mouthwash {c/o} are anything but basic! The toothpaste has instant whitening effects, thanks to the special blue formula, and since I've been attending more events this month {and have been out and about more than usual} it's been a priority to make sure that my smile is in tip top shape.  Other than the whitening effects, I love that they are not too harsh and taste pleasant. The toothpaste and mouthwash have helped me to make sure that my pearly whites are in fact, pearly white.

Make Up Favorites

I've been in love with bold, matte lips lately, so I've been reaching for MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipsticks in RiRi Woo {a beautifully classic, universally flattering blue-red} and Heaux {a gorgeous cool berry shade}. Both are from the RiRi Hearts MAC collection and I hate to say it, but they were so worth the headache and agita of dealing with ordering them online. The bold lip colors go perfectly with a naturally matte complexion, which I'm sporting thanks to Laura Mercier's new Smooth Finish Foundation Powder {c/o}. Chrissy, a lovely Beauty Stylist at Nordstrom Mall of Georgia  first introduced me to the foundation when she used it on me as a finishing powder and I was sold! It's so finely milled, it's almost creamy and sits like a dream on the skin. I love that I can use it as both a foundation and finishing powder and it ensures that my oily skin stays under wraps. Bonus: it can be used both wet and dry, so you can truly customize the amount of coverage that's right for you. And when you go bold on the lips, sometimes it's best to go neutral/natural on the eyes, so I've been defining my eyes with my standard cat-eye and the FANTABULOUS NYX Nude on Nude Palette {a gift from a previous swap with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans}. It has a fantastic mix of warm and cool shades and it has been my favorite palette hands down all month long.

Skin Care Favorites

I'm not gonna lie, I still really love my Clarisonic Mia, but the h2pro Eve Micro Sonic Care {c/o} is really serving some stiff competition. It comes with two brush heads, one for cleansing and one for applying your foundation, and utilizes both rotation and vibration to give you a real, deep clean. The bristles on the cleansing brush are super soft and flexible, so while it gives you a thorough clean, it's super gentle. Plus at $89.98, it's more budget friendly than the Clarisonic. My other skin care favorite has been Amarte's Wonder Cream {c/o}. While it boasts special ActivElements to lighten freckles and sunspots, since I don't really have either of those, I most like it for it's gentle exfoliation. I usually suffer from flakey bits around my nose, forehead, and eyebrows {odd, I know}, but my skin has been wonderfully smooth and flake free since I've been using it.

Hair Care Favorites

Oh, my beloved Q-Redew {c/o}! It's a handheld hair steamer that is particularly great for curly/natural hair, but really can be useful for any hair type. It adds warm steam to your hair to add moisture, boost manageability, and refresh your curls. I use it elongate my hair {you curly girls know of what I speak}, to detangle my daughters' hair, and to give myself regular deep conditioning treatments in no time. My hair has been in the best shape ever since I started using it regularly, in addition to adding Jane Carter Solution {c/o} products into my regimen. I have yet to try anything I don't like, but my favorites have been the Restore Moisture Mist {it works PERFECTLY with the Q-Redew to add moisture and refresh my curls without rewetting my hair}. I also REALLY REALLY love the Nourish & Shine but I use it on my skin! I use it on my knees, elbows, hands, and feet and they have never been softer or smoother  {I just have to use it when the hubby's not around because he doesn't care for the scent-I on the other hand LOVE IT}!

So there you have it, another month, more favorites. I think I may change this post up a bit the next time around, and do separate posts for the different categories, that way I can include even more stuff! What do you think? And what were your favorites this month? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

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