Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mother-Daughter Beauty: Bellaboo Skin Care Review from Peyton

Bellaboo skincare {products sent for review}, is the perfect way to start off a skincare routine. Its easy to use and most importantly it works, with only three steps, and it’s all-natural. That’s right-no parabens, sulfates, just lots of good plant extracts! The starter kit comes with the All That Clean Skin Facial Wash, The Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator, and the Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew Moisturizer.

All That Clean Skin Facial Wash, Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator, Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew

All That Clean Skin Facial Wash ($12.99 at ulta.com) makes your skin feel very clean and refreshed. The Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator ($12.99 at ulta.com) is perfect when you need a good scrub. It’s not too rough or gentle, it's just right. The Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew Moisturizer ($12.99 at ulta.com) doesn’t leave your face feeling oily or sticky. Your skin feels fresh and moisturized. These 3 are great for starting a regular skin care routine, but these aren’t the only products Bellaboo has. They also have an AMAZING clay mask and acne serum.

EZ Zit Blitz Serum and Clear Skin Smoothie Face Mask

The Clear Skin Smoothie Face Mask ($9.99 at ulta.com) is good if you ever feel like your skin has had a rough week and you need to give it a little break. The EZ Zit Blitz Serum ($12.99 at ulta.com) is perfect for when you see some acne starting to pop up-you can use it as a spot treatment.

I really like the Bellaboo  products I got to try! The packaging is super cute and colorful. And Bellaboo products are made in Australia, which is cool because Australia is one of my favorite countries, and it’s probably the closest I’ll get there for a long time. I think Bellaboo is great for any teen looking for a good skincare regimen.

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