Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yummy Mummy Eats: Pure Protein Soft Baked Protein Bars

They say that "abs are made in the kitchen," so in my weight loss journey, I've made great strides in changing my diet. While I focus on consuming a balanced diet, one of the more difficult aspects for me is finding delicious, satisfying snacks: preferably ones that will keep me from raiding my kids' stash of fruit snacks, snack crackers, etc. I'm pretty sure I've found the answer to my sweet tooth in these new tasty bars! 

Pure Protein’s new Soft Baked Bars {sent for review} deliver a taste and texture experience unlike any other protein bar. Decadent layers of chocolate wrapped around a soft cake center deliver the purest forms of protein necessary for a lean, healthy and strong body, with five grams of sugar. 

They have quite a unique, and delicious, texture. There's the chocolate coating, then a bit of crunch, followed by a yummy soft cake center. It didn't taste like I was eating a protein bar-it was like eating a candy bar, without the guilt...and sugar...and empty calories.

I was able to sample the two flavors pictured above: Double Chocolate Vanilla Crunch,  a sure hit for classic chocolate and vanilla lovers, has layer-upon-layer of silky smooth chocolate and crunchy vanilla, wrapped around a soft cake center.  My jam, however, was the Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch! It intertwines layers of crunchy peanut butter and chocolate around a mouth-watering, soft cake center.

Soft Baked Bars are the latest delicious and convenient additions to the Pure Protein® product line. Pure Protein® is on a mission to deliver high-quality protein products that support lean muscle and strength, promote overall good health and help fuel the body as exercise regimens, and today’s active lifestyles, demand. As with all Pure Protein® products, spanning a wide variety of great-tasting and convenient bars, shakes and powders, new Soft Baked Protein Bars® take a lifestyle approach to optimal nutrition. 

Pure Protein Soft Baked Bars are available in Double Vanilla Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch, and can be found at leading retailers such as Walmart, Target, Publix,CVS Pharmacy, Duane Reade, 7-Eleven, and GNC. 

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  1. These look yum! I don't think I have ever tried a protein bar before. :/

    P.S. I am so, so sorry I have been MIA lately. Things have been crazy over the last few months; but I'm going to e-mail you later on today or early tomorrow to explain / chat. I feel like such a bad friend right now - sorry babe! :/


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