Sunday, October 6, 2013

Introducing Clean George!

I'm always on the look out for products that I can toss in my purse that I can use for myself and the girls {because it's hard enough running around after littles without adding a 15 lb. purse to the mix}. So of course I'm head over heels for these CleanGeorge sticks {sent for review}: not only are they lightweight, convenient, and guaranteed not to spill and make a mess all over the inside of my bag, they're kid-safe, easy to use, AND good for you!

Named in honor of Founder Miller Schell’s late father, George, CleanGeorge uses responsibly sourced natural ingredients. When she decided to create Clean George, taking skincare soothers out of the average tin container and putting them into convenient, no-mess, stick applicators was a priority for her. They are multifunctional to fit every need and include ingredients such as Bulgarian Lavender and Meyer Lemon that release simple fragrances that make both moms and kids feel good!

I received the Stuffed Up Stick right on time: Kenziekins was struggling to get over a cold and just couldn't shake her congestion. My mother taught me to put traditional mentholated jelly and socks on her feet before bed to sooth a cough and pull out congestion, so I tried that with the Stuffed Up Stick and it worked wonders! What's even better, the scent and formula was mild enough for me to also use around her nose {you know how sensitive that area can be when you've been wiping and blowing your nose frequently} in order to help her breath {and thus help us ALL to sleep} better. 

But the Skin Stick is the real pièce de résistance for me! Run out of the house barefoot with sandals in hand, just to get into the car and discover you've got dry heels and ashy ankles {come on, that can't just be me?!?}? Arrive to your destination and remember that your five year old daughter spent the last 15 minutes before leaving the house crawling around on the floor, so now her knees look like they've never seen lotion {once again, that can NOT be peculiar to my household}? Not a problem at all with this wonder stick! The Meyer Lemon scent is light and refreshing and this bad boy works MAGIC on dry skin, without being slippery or greasy. 

You can find these CleanGeorge products {along with the Chill Out and Boos Boos and Bites Sticks} for $9.00 each at cleangeorge.com and select Whole Foods Markets. Until next time...

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  1. This product looks wonderful.. Definitely going to get one for my Daughter :)


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