Friday, August 23, 2013

Fab Five Friday: Joey New York Must Haves!

Fab Five Fridays: Joey New York Favorites!

Joey New York, an updated cult favorite, using only the purest, most effective ingredients from nature, has returned with a two new health conscious collections: one built around the ultra hydrating and replenishing youth elixir, young tender Coconut Water, the other focusing on eliminating dreaded blackheads.  Both are rich in essential vitamins, balancing minerals, age thwarting antioxidants, and firming protein, they use pure essences to deeply cleanse skin and restore a healthy, youthful glow. In the shopping mood? Here are my picks to introduce you to the awesome brand! {Products sent for review consideration}

But first some background on Joey New York:

Joey New York has been a leader in luxury skin care for more than two decades. With the evolution of societies awareness and interest for healthy beauty products, Joey New York is constantly perfecting formulas that are health conscious, effective and affordable. Known for products that give instant visible results, the focus is to develop beauty products to enhance beauty, maintain youthfulness, reverse the signs of aging, and perfect imperfections all while using the purest, safest, most luxurious and exotic ingredients from nature.

And now my favorites:

Bye Bye Blackheads Gentle Peel Cleanser and Coconut Shreds Scrub ($22 from dermstore.com): This deep pore cleansing formula brightens and restores skin using Coconut Shreds to gently exfoliate and intense moisturizers to smooth. Packed with Green Coconut Water to nourish skin, and Lemon Peel Extract to even color, this super hydrating formula features encapsulated anti-aging beads that disperse on contact to give you a soft, glowing complexion. My favorite thing about the scrub? Its luscious lather and incredible scent! Unlike most scrubs it isn't harsh on your skin but will give you the deep clean you need. This cleanser relieves the look of dullness and stress instantly, without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Joey New York Peel Peel-Off Masque ($32 from dermstore.com) - Looking for quick results to perk up that skin of yours? Here it is! This quick results masque will have you glowing in no time. With young coconut water and Indian Ginseng Extra Complex this mask smooths the appearance of wrinkles as it tightens pores, helping to eliminate impurities and dull looking skin. It's also really fun {if you're into this sort of thing, which I am}-the formula lifts off your face all in one piece! 

Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist for Face, Body, and Hair ($18 from dermstore.com): Available in delicious {as in you may be tempted to lick yourself} Natural Paradise and Natural Passion scents, this invigorating mist of Young Green Tender Coconut Water delivers radiance enhancing antioxidants and minerals on contact plus relaxing aromatherapy. It was a total life saver for me on our road trip to New Jersey and our day at the beach on the Jersey Shore. But it's not just a beach/pool bag essential! This luxurious refresher can be used any time {even over makeup} as a pick me up, or refrigerated for an instant, hydrating chill. 

Quick Results Polynesian Coconut Water Beauty Pads ($32 from dermstore.com)-  {I waxed poetic about these heredeveloped with coconut water from the Polynesian tropics and natural fruit acids, these breakthrough Beauty Pads diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores while correcting uneven skin tone. These multi-tasking pads also deliver an advanced night treatment – so you can achieve a more youthful glow while you catch up on your beauty sleep. Plus, they're superb for rejuvenating your knees and elbows!

Quick Results Correct-A-Line for Face and Eyes ($36 from dermstore.com) - Y'all already know, I'm a sucker for products that serve multiple purposes and this one really delivers! Trying to minimize lines and prime at the same time? This go to quick results product will work as a filler and primer to help minimize the appearance of pores and lines. Like some of the other Joey New York products I mentioned, this is also enriched with Young Coconut Water. Almost miraculously, wrinkles and pores look like they never existed. The gel-serum formula can be used alone over moisturizer to give you camera-ready skin or under your makeup as a primer.

Not only are all of these Joey New York wonders fast acting and effective, they smell FANTASTIC! Like an island escape in a bottle/jar/tube! Have you experienced Joey New York? Which of these products are you itching to try? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

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