Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shaving Essentials from Whish and BIC!

Shaving Essentials with Whish and BIC!

I'm not gonna lie, prior to being sent these products to try, I was pretty set in my ways when it came to my shaving routine. I leaned towards a specific razor, preferred a certain shave cream {or creamy body wash in a pinch}, and always coated my gams in the same moisturizer afterwards. To say these have been a game changer for me would be an understatement...

If you're used to shaving being a drying affair, you're in for an incredible surprise. I was first introduced to the brand, Whish,  via my Birchbox subscription, and this became one of my favorite items in the box. This thick whip provides a close, moisturizing shave with no drying foam. Its natural ingredients and lovely blueberry scent leave your skin soft, smooth and pampered. It moisturizes with organic squalane and organic shea butter, soothes with organic green tea extract and organic coconut oil and nourishes with organic jojoba seed oil.

As if that wasn't enough, Whish also offers brand new Hair Inhibiting Swipes.  These are individually packaged towelettes infused with their deliciously moisturizing and popular Pomegranate Hair Inhibiting Gel. Not only can it be used to replenish dry skin after a day out in the sun and elements, and to sooth skin after shaving, waxing, and laser treatments-it has the superb added benefit of being clinically proven to slow down hair growth!

But when your unwanted hair does eventually grow back, BIC Soleil has a fantastic line of products to ensure that you get a flawlessly smooth shave at a good value.

BIC Soleil Shave & Trim,  a razor with a slide-on/ slide-off bikini trimmer

The Soleil Shave & Trim features 3 flexible blades for a silky smooth shave, a pivoting head with rubber grip handle for extra comfort, a lubricating strip with Vitamin E, and a unique slide-on, slide-off trimmer head for simple bikini trimming. 

Soleil Bella

The original Soleil Bella offers four flexible blades and a soothing moisture strip enriched with coconut milk {YAY for coconuts}!. Plus it features a curvy, non-slip handle in a variety of cute tropical colors, that allows for easy grip in the shower or bath.

Peyton is getting to the age where it is appropriate for her to shave certain areas {her underarms for one}, so the BIC Soleil Bella is the perfect training razor for her {and my budget}.  She can get the nice close shave that comes with four blades and a pivoting head, but I don't have to panic that she may hurt/knick herself needlessly thanks to the comfy grip. And {prepare yourself for a bit of TMI} the  BIC Soleil Shave & Trim was just what I needed to make sure I kept my area neat for a summer time spent at the pool and beach!

What is your shave cream and razor combination of choice? Do you go for disposable razors or the other kind {whose name seems to escape me at the moment}? Are you faithful to one brand and type, or are you like me, and grab whatever is on sale {so that you have an army of handles stored under your sink} My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

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  1. I go for the cheapo disposable razors (I have a bag of them and it takes me a while to run out) and Lush shaving cream. My current shaving cream is Ambrosia.


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