Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stay Cool and Fragrant with Bath and Body Works' Summer Chill Collection!

Get Ready for the Beach with Bath & Body Works!!

Whether at work, relaxing at the beach or indulging ourselves with outdoor shopping, we always want to look, smell and feel our best. With Bath & Body Works’ newest collections, Summer Chill {sent for review}, you can cool down and unwind from the summer heat, while enjoying what the season has to offer!

The Summer Chill Collection is the perfect cool-down. With refreshing scents including exotic fruits and fragrant flowers, these Signature Collection products are sure to melt away the heat with just one touch to the skin. It's available in three lusciously cool scents:

Coconut Water Chill: My hands down favorite scent in the bunch {I wanna lick myself when I wear it and the scent lingers beautifully all day long}. The ultimate summer refresher of coconut water, iced acai berry and watery melon frozen with jasmine petals and Madagascar vanilla.

Citrus Orchid Chill: A very close runner up, it's an exotic summer quencher of iced blue orchid, lemon granita and watery starfruit frozen with lotus flower and sunny musk.

White Mango Chill: This one is fantastic too, but I think I was slightly disappointed by it; either because it wasn't exactly what I was hoping/expecting or because the coconut and orchid scents just bowled me over with their awesomeness. It is an ice cold summer cooler of white mango, kiwi sorbet and strawberry frost frozen with muguet blossom and blue sugar cane.

All three scents are available in a Shower Gel ($11.00), Body Lotion($11.00), Fine Fragrance Mist ($14.00), Shimmer Cooling Mist ($18.00), Travel BodyLotion ($5.00) and Travel Fragrance Mist ($7.00). Now's the perfect time to stock up-they're currently buy 3 get 2 free and they are limited edition! Don't miss out on these delectable new scents from Bath & Body Works! Don't say I didn't warn you! LOL. Until next time...


  1. I have this and love the scents. I sniffed them and had to buy one of each in the lotions.

    1. I love you Iris! They are all fantastic! I think that Bath and Body Works has really been on a roll for me lately. There hasn't been a new release that I haven't LOVED in quite a while. And I'm so glad they brought back Malibu Heat from last summer-it smells wonderful too! I'm super stoked to see what they have in store for the fall though. I'm in love with all the bright summer time scents, but I'll be happy when it's time to wrap myself up in something warm and cozy scented!


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