Thursday, July 18, 2013

BlingGuard: A Must-Have Tool For Your Fashion Kit!

BlingGuard for Your Fashion Tool Kit!

BlingGuard  {sent for review}has developed two products that will keep rings and earrings secured and looking fabulous, ensuring  that jewelry fits perfectly and stays in place no matter what!

From Peyton: 

Everybody has that pair of really cute earrings that are way to loose and no matter what you do you can’t get them to stay on properly, or even a nice ring that’s too big. BlingGuard Bling Dots and Bling Wraps are life savers for situations like this. Both product are really easy to use, you can either but the Bling Dots directly on your ear and put on your earrings like normal, or put the Bling Dot on the earring before you put it on. With the Bling Wraps all you have to do is peel the paper off and wrap it around your finger were you want the ring to go and put on the ring. I found another bonus use for the wraps: you can put them on your belt to hold the part of the belt that sticks out when you wear it! This is extremely helpful when putting belts on dresses, tunics, and shirts. Now I can wear earrings and rings I never could! BlingGuards are definitely a necessity!

BlingWraps are innovative solutions to ring resizing that help keep jewelry from twisting, turning or sliding by adding 1+ ring sizes to your finger. BlingWraps use a "padlock" design that is invisible and fits securely beneath your ring to keep it in place. ($14.99 for 45 pairs)

BlingDots are earring supports and stabilizers that ensure comfortable and positioned earrings perfectly on the ear. They are mad of hypoallergenic foam that provides comfort and support while lifting the earrings up on your ears. Earrings no longer droop or fall forward and also greatly relieve the weight of heavy earrings and help stop your ear lobes from stretching. ($14.99 for set of 30)



  1. The BlingDots sound like they'd be great for large chandelier earrings and earrings with smaller hooks and no backings.

    1. Exactly! And I have a fairly large pair of topaz studs that I have to squeeze really tight in order for them not to droop. But if I stick a BlingDot on my ear before putting them on, they stay up perfectly!

  2. I love this as a wedding party gift idea!


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